Department of Homeland Security


Medical Devices Investigated For Cyber Security Flaws

About two dozen cases of suspected cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical devices are under investigation by the US Department of Homeland Security, according to a senior official. The devices under inspection by DHS’s Industrial Control Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) include implantable heart devices from St Jude Medical and Medtronic and an infusion pump from Hospira, Read More


Young Hacker Charged with Financial Crimes in Prepaid Card Scheme

When Muneeb Akhter first graduated from George Mason University at age 19 with a Master’s degree in computer engineering, behind bars was probably the last place he thought he would end up. The achievement, which puts him at the top of his field as one of the youngest to ever graduate with such honors, earned Read More

‘Darkly’ Adds Privacy to Perception Software

A team of UT Austin and Princeton researchers have been awarded a 2014 PET Award for their potentially revolutionary paper A Scanner Darkly. The paper, which takes its name from the dystopian novel by Philip K. Dick, reveals a system designed to add an additional layer of privacy to what it calls “perceptual computing.” Authors Read More

Chinese Hackers Breach US Personnel Database

Last March, an unknown group of Chinese hackers successfully penetrated the systems of the United States Office of Personnel Management, stealing the details and information of thousands of government employees in one of the greatest losses of publicly held data to date. It’s still unclear how the attackers got in, and so far the United Read More

Government Advising Against Using Internet Explorer

Following on from the news that virtually every edition of Internet Explorer has been affected by a new serious security flaw, the Department of Homeland Security is advising everyone against using Internet Explorer until the security threat has been resolved. The New York Times reports: The United States Computer Emergence Readiness Team said in an Read More

Bitcoin Market Price Veers Out of Control, Security Concerns Abound

With Bitcoin prices skyrocketing nearly two fold in the course of 24 hours, the investor fervor over this new form of digital currency is boiling over into bank accounts across the globe. Because Bitcoin is stored on a physical drive, it’s more important than ever to keep your network safe and protected from external intruders. Read More