Anonymous Vows to Strike Back Against Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

This week, representatives for the hacktivist organization Anonymous took to the group’s YouTube channel to release a new video, that vows to take action against the terrorist organizations responsible for the attacks at Charlie Hebdo earlier this week. Flying under the hashflag of #OPCharlieHedbo, a figurehead for the group, dawned in their trademark Guy Fawkes […]

PSN and Xbox Live Taken Down by Lizard Squad DDoS

Last night at approximately 14:00 CEST, both Sony’s Playstation Network and Xbox Live were taken down by a group of hackers who go only by the moniker “Lizard Squad”. Reports from Sony’s status page say the service is still online, however no users have been able to successfully login for the past two days straight. […]

Anonymous Hits Email Accounts of Swedish Officials After Pirate Bay Raid

Over the weekend it was revealed that in response to the recent raid on The Pirate Bay in Sweden, Anonymous has launched attacks against email providers for Swedish authorities in order to voice their displeasure with the takedown of one of their favorite online P2P portals. The subgroup of Anonymous in question, identifying themselves only […]

Lizard Squad Takes Credit for PlayStation Network Outage

Sony’s PlayStation Network went offline earlier today with hacking group Lizard Squad taking credit for the DDOS attack. The group has a history of targeting gaming networks. Initial reports speculated that the network’s issues may be tied to the GOP hacking that has crippled Sony of late but the hacking group happily took credit for […]

BlackEnergy Malware Inside Critical US Infrastructure Since 2011

This week, researchers at Kaspersky Labs released their latest report on the infamous BlackEnergy malware, claiming that Russian hackers have been using the program to infiltrate vital pieces of the US energy infrastructure including power plants, hydroelectric dams, and manufacturers of equipment destined for nuclear-powered facilities. The bug, which targets both Windows and Linux-based machines, […]

FBI Issues Warning Over Islamic State Cyber Attacks

The FBI says that it is monitoring social media activity for possible cyber-attack plots in response to airstrikes against the Islamic State. “Middle East-based hacktivist groups and extremist cyber actors have previously targeted US commercial and government Web sites in response to a range of US military actions and foreign policy positions,” it says. The […]

High-Volume, Short Duration DDoS Attacks on the Rise

A new report has backed up the increased proliferation of high-rate, high-volume and short duration distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks during the last few months. NSFOCUS, a security company that specializes in measuring DDoS traffic, released its 2014 Mid-Year Report, highlighting the stable and sustained increase in shorter, but stronger DDoS attacks. An interesting […]

CMS head to Appear Before Committee Over Healthcare.Gov Breach

The administrator of the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Marilyn Tavenner has been called to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee later this month regarding the recent hacking attempt on Healthcare.gov. Tavenner will sit before the committee on September 18, led by chairman Darrell Issa, who has said that it […]

BlackWorm Trojan Identifies New Syrian Malware Team

Security firm FireEye demonstrated a “connect the dots” approach to attribution after identifying several members of the Syrian Malware Team. This pro-Assad hacking group has ties to both the Syrian government and the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), another team that has made headlines for its attacks against the Syrian opposition. Photo: Giphy.com The Syrian Malware […]

Lizard Squad Only Raises More Questions in Reddit AMA

The hacker group Lizard Squad that gained attention earlier this week for their alleged involvement in the Playstation hack, held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit this Thursday. The purpose of the exercise was to invite users and let them ask questions about their latest hacking activities that grabbed the headlines. Earlier this […]

Anonymous Opponent Tracks IPs Of Ferguson Hacktivists

Members of Anonymous launched ‘OpFerguson’ after an unarmed African American teen named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police offer in Ferguson, Missouri. Demonstrations and vigils across the small town have taken place since the incident; Brown was shot eight times by a Ferguson cop after an altercation between the two according to […]