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NSA Reports They ‘May’ Have Broken Some Laws Over the Past Decade

This week, the NSA finally (and voluntarily) served up their first piece of humble pie after a year-and-a-half of near total silence on the matter of their own internal advisory practices and oversight. The delectable treat, which took the form of a series of quarterly and annual reports which were submitted to the President’s Intelligence […]


Plague of Brute Force Attacks & How to Protect Yourself

The term ‘brute force attacks’ conjures up many images. A battering ram being heaved at the door of a castle. An army from ancient Rome 86,000 strong taking on Hannibal at Cannae. Any number of scenes from Game of Thrones… Yes, the visuals are vivid, but since we’re talking Internet security here, they’re fairly far […]


Researchers Identify ‘Grinch’ Bug As Christmas Approaches

Researchers have identified a new vulnerability affecting Linux-based operating systems – the Grinch bug. By exploiting this vulnerability, hackers can gain root access to a system running on Linux. Grinch is similar to the Shellshock bug which hit the cyberspace in September and emerged just days after another bug called Poodle surfaced. Alert Logic wrote […]

The Guardian Claims Whisper App Gave User Details to Law Enforcement

This Thursday, allegations surfaced suggesting that the privacy-centric social media app Whisper had been tracking user information, logging GPS locations, and handing over sensitive data to law enforcement without the knowledge or permission of its users. Whisper, the social media app which prides itself first and foremost on user privacy, has been steadily gaining traction […]

Mozilla Patches Flaw in Bugzilla Bug Reporter

In one of the more “Inception-esque” exploits this side of 2014, the security outfit CheckPoint Security have announced they have discovered a crack in Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug reporting software which allowed anyone who knew their way in the ability to view and record all the latest bugs that were appearing in system-wide version revisions of […]

US Intelligence “Hedges Bets” Against Competitors

“If one does not consider the long-range future, one will never cease to be surprised.” In this context the Director of National Intelligence introduced the US Intelligence Community’s most recent Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review (QICR), published in 2009. Deputy Director of National Intelligence David R. Shedd. Photo: Wikimedia Commons It is the most recent of […]

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Racing Post Gets ‘Injected’ with a Cyber Attack

Do SQL injections still work? It seems that this old-school hacking technique is very much alive and can be used for a major data breach. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has warned companies to stay safe against SQL injection attacks after a hacker used this technique to steal the records of 677,335 customers of […]


ICREACH – The NSA’s Google-Like Metadata Sharing Platform

New documents provided to The Intercept by Edward Snowden highlight the inner workings of ICREACH, a Google-like search engine feature which shares metadata of millions of foreign nationals and US citizens. The NSA has been using this search engine to secretly provide information to two dozen agencies of the US government including the DEA (Drug […]

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911 Emergency System Is Vulnerable to Hackers

Cyber mayhem has become widespread and has even left 911 emergency system vulnerable to hacks and other security threats. As the emergency phone system has a single point of entry, a single hacking attack can disrupt the entire infrastructure and impact every emergency respondent. It goes beyond than that; as 911 is a critical infrastructure […]

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San Diego Adds Bluetooth Tracking to Surveillance Roster

The San Diego government has been using a Bluetooth tracking system called Blufax to monitor traffic behavior via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. After Voice of San Diego reporter Michael Robertson requested documentation under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), he discovered that the city government had a minimum of 16 Blufax devices and intended to eventually install […]

New Whistleblower Following in Snowden’s Footsteps

And Thomas Drake, Mark Klein. Rustle Tice. Earlier this morning, Glenn Greenwald revealed the existence of freshly leaked classified documents in his publication The Intercept which have furthered indicted the NSA in a series of scandals fueled by illegal domestic surveillance on U.S citizens. The hot-off-the-presses leaks go into extensive detail about the existence of […]


ECB Contact Database Hacked, 20k Email Addresses Stolen

The website for the European Central Bank has been hacked and thousands of people’s personal information has been stolen. Hackers gained access to the website and stole information relating to officials attending ECB events. They are now demanding a ransom for the return of the data. This includes around 20,000 email addresses and other contact […]


Snowden: ‘NSA Employees Routinely Pass Around Nude Photos’

In an extended interview with The Guardian, Edward Snowden revealed that members of the NSA and GCHQ regularly pass around nude photographs and webcam feeds of people who are suspects of any crimes, other than being overly attractive to whichever agent happened to be on the job at the time. The NSA has already copped […]


GCHQ Manipulates Online Poll Results, Tracks Skype Users

According to new documents released by Glenn Greenwald and FirstLook.org (provided by none other than by the “Boy-Who-Must-Not-be-Named” as far as the NSA is concerned),the GCHQ has dedicated an entire wing of its surveillance arm to actively monitoring and manipulating the status of petitions, organizations, and websites at will in order to influence the public […]

Chinese Hackers Breach US Personnel Database

Last March, an unknown group of Chinese hackers successfully penetrated the systems of the United States Office of Personnel Management, stealing the details and information of thousands of government employees in one of the greatest losses of publicly held data to date. It’s still unclear how the attackers got in, and so far the United […]