Plague of Brute Force Attacks & How to Protect Yourself

The term ‘brute force attacks’ conjures up many images. A battering ram being heaved at the door of a castle. An army from ancient Rome 86,000 strong taking on Hannibal at Cannae. Any number of scenes from Game of Thrones… Yes, the visuals are vivid, but since we’re talking Internet security here, they’re fairly far Read More

The New C93 Phishing Scam Targets Outlook Users

Scammers have come up with a new virus scare, C93, which targets users of Microsoft Windows Outlook and is aimed at stealing their login details. In this fresh scam, hackers have released a fake C93 virus that targets the users of Windows Outlook. It begins with a phishing email that seems to be coming from Read More

The Guardian Claims Whisper App Gave User Details to Law Enforcement

This Thursday, allegations surfaced suggesting that the privacy-centric social media app Whisper had been tracking user information, logging GPS locations, and handing over sensitive data to law enforcement without the knowledge or permission of its users. Whisper, the social media app which prides itself first and foremost on user privacy, has been steadily gaining traction Read More

Mozilla Patches Flaw in Bugzilla Bug Reporter

In one of the more “Inception-esque” exploits this side of 2014, the security outfit CheckPoint Security have announced they have discovered a crack in Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug reporting software which allowed anyone who knew their way in the ability to view and record all the latest bugs that were appearing in system-wide version revisions of Read More

NSA Seeks to Build ‘Treasure Map’ of Entire Internet

New documents leaked from the Snowden camp have revealed a plot by the NSA and GCHQ to create a map of every device connected to the Internet at any given time. This means that every desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone would be carefully logged and traced on an industrial level, so that agents could Read More

US Intelligence “Hedges Bets” Against Competitors

“If one does not consider the long-range future, one will never cease to be surprised.” In this context the Director of National Intelligence introduced the US Intelligence Community’s most recent Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review (QICR), published in 2009. Deputy Director of National Intelligence David R. Shedd. Photo: Wikimedia Commons It is the most recent of Read More


Hacker Breaches Website

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the United States healthcare portal was breached and infiltrated by a lone hacker, who implanted his own customized malware program onto the government network back in July of this year. So far the attack itself looked to have been relatively innocuous, as the hacker was only able Read More

racing post

Racing Post Gets ‘Injected’ with a Cyber Attack

Do SQL injections still work? It seems that this old-school hacking technique is very much alive and can be used for a major data breach. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has warned companies to stay safe against SQL injection attacks after a hacker used this technique to steal the records of 677,335 customers of Read More

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