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VPNify is a Global Platform for Testing VPN Speeds

Speed is a huge determining factor for many users when looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Browsing reviews will give you an idea of what to expect but it’s difficult to compare multiple providers at once. VPNify is a web-based app, sponsored by the VPN provider Private Internet Access, that collates speed data from […]

With Data Retention Laws, Will Australians look to VPNs?

This week Australia officially enacted its controversial new data retention law where mass swathes of metadata are required to be stored by telecoms for up to two years. Australian authorities said the measures were necessary for law enforcement but the move has outraged civil liberties groups as authorities will have greater ease of access to […]

Stay Secure & Private Online with PureVPN

Only a few years ago, the average user did not pay much attention to their online security. Phenomenons like browser cookies tracking user’s whereabouts or social media websites scooping up trove of personal data for targeted ads did not get much attention. Never mind worrying about mass Internet surveillance. But since the Edward Snowden leaks […]

Max Schrems Takes Facebook Privacy Case to EU Court

Privacy activist Max Schrems is taking a case against Facebook to the European Court of Justice today to prevent US government agencies accessing user data. Schrems filed a case against Ireland’s Data Protection Commission last year, claiming that Ireland needs to investigate the data protection practices of Facebook. The social network’s European HQ is based […]


Exclusive Interview With HideMyAss COO Danvers Baillieu: On Logging, Privacy & Security

HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market with a wide reaching network of servers globally. Like most VPN companies, it has a strong stance on privacy so we spoke with the company’s COO Danvers Baillieu to find out more about HideMyAss’ logging policies, protecting its servers and how it reacts to […]

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BolehVPN Implements New Warrant Canary System

BolehVPN has introduced a warrant canary system to post monthly messages that are cryptographically signed, stating that the company has not received any warrants from authorities. BolehVPN says it is bringing in the warrant canary on foot of recent comments from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that recommend it. “Legally speaking, we aren’t too sure […]

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NSA Hard Drive Breaking Capabilities Revealed by Kaspersky

This week, the Internet security firm Kaspersky Lab released new details about a program developed by the NSA that was designed to burrow into the hard drives of computers from major manufactures such as Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba. Unlike some of the other programs we’ve detailed so far, it seems this operation (or at […]

Anonymous Vows to Oust High Profile Members of Child Abuse Ring

This week, Anonymous revealed their plans to stage an international day of protest against child abusers, and those who support child abuse on underground pornography rings through networks such as Tor and I2P. Codenamed “Operation Death Eaters”, the offensive will seek to oust many high ranking officials in several large governments who have been caught […]


Samsung Smart TVs Could Be Listening to Everything You Say

Today, Samsung took a candid moment to come forward and inform the TV purchasing public that certain brands of their Smart TVs might accidentally be listening in on customers’ conversations, and reselling the data gathered by the microphone to third-party advertising services. The company themselves are actually the ones putting out the warning, which suggests […]

Breached Retailer Scores Win in Data Breach Liability Case

A judge in the US has ruled in favor of retail chain Schnuck Markets following its data breach, ruling that the company is only liable to pay a maximum of $500,000 in damages. The bank, Citicorp and payments processor, First Data Merchant Services Corp will be responsible for footing the remainder of the bill stemming […]

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UK Minister Wants to Pull Down Geo Blocks on Netflix in the EU

Vince Cable, the UK’s Business Secretary, has backed calls for a single European digital market, which would mean removing geo blocks on Netflix content across Europe. In a statement, Cable says that all people in the EU should be able to purchase European goods and services online “without unfair discrimination”. This extends to streaming services, […]

CyberCaliphate Hacks Twitter Account of US Central Command

Earlier this morning, the official Twitter account of US Central Command (CENTCOM) was apparently hacked by members of the ISIS terrorist organization in the form of public protest from the much maligned group. “AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS,” one tweet read, along with a link to a Pastebin document that pointed […]


Lookout Discovers SocialPath Malware in Google Play Store

Mobile security vendor Lookout has discovered a variant of the malware SocialPath in Google Play, in an app that describes itself as a ‘reputation management’ tool, which says that it will notify users whenever their photos are uploaded on the Internet. But it actually steals their data. The Save Me app, which is a variant […]