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Max Schrems Takes Facebook Privacy Case to EU Court

Privacy activist Max Schrems is taking a case against Facebook to the European Court of Justice today to prevent US government agencies accessing user data. Schrems filed a case against Ireland’s Data Protection Commission last year, claiming that Ireland needs to investigate the data protection practices of Facebook. The social network’s European HQ is based […]


Exclusive Interview With HideMyAss COO Danvers Baillieu: On Logging, Privacy & Security

HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market with a wide reaching network of servers globally. Like most VPN companies, it has a strong stance on privacy so we spoke with the company’s COO Danvers Baillieu to find out more about HideMyAss’ logging policies, protecting its servers and how it reacts to […]

Ireland: US Needs Permission to View Microsoft Data

The Irish government has submitted a court filing that says that US courts must get its permission to access emails stored in a Microsoft data center in Dublin. The US government has been attempting to access a user’s email data for several months in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation but Microsoft has refused, stating the […]

Google Pressed to Expand ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Globally

Google is under pressure to bring its search empire under the scope of the right to be forgotten ruling beyond Europe and to its Google.com domain. The right to be forgotten law allows people to request Google to stop showing links to unwanted or irrelevant content in their search results. However, currently this ruling only […]

UK Firms Consider Hiring Ex-Hackers as Security Experts

Almost three-quarters of UK-based companies have admitted that they are facing a shortage in security skills, while some organizations said that they would certainly consider hiring a former hacker to stay safe from cyber crooks, says a report from KPMG. A survey by KPMG involving 300 senior HR and IT experts from organizations with more […]

Samaritans Radar Backfires & Causes Twitter Uproar

UK-based charity group Samaritans’ recently launched Twitter app, which alerts users when their friends make potentially worrying tweets that indicate suicidal tendencies or depression, has brought the organization under fire over unintended privacy concerns. Samaritans Radar is a free app that can scan the Twitter feed of a user and alerts a friend if a […]

Google Glass Patent Attempts to Curb ‘Creepy’ Privacy Issue

Ric Richardson, a resourceful Australian inventor has come up with a cover for the Google Glass camera that can address privacy issues being raised over concealed surveillance. The Australian has patented a shutter for Google Glass that tells the onlookers whether the camera is active or not. Richardson gained popularity in May 2012 when he […]

Max Schrems’ Facebook Suit Hits 20,000 Applicants

Last week privacy activist Max Schrems launched a class action suit against Facebook, calling on all eligible users to join him. He now has 20,000 cohorts on his side. The suit, which has been filed in Schrems’ home of Austria, says Facebook violates European data protection laws and makes a number of accusations against Facebook’s […]

Facebook Faces Investigation Over Emotions Study

Facebook’s controversial psychological study on users is to be investigated by the UK regulator, Information Commissioner’s Office and Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner. ICO is concerned that Facebook violated the country’s data protection laws by altering the content on the news feeds of nearly 700,000 people to see how it impacted them emotionally. Facebook defended the […]

UK Regulator: Google Glass Will Be Under Data Protection Laws

The UK’s independent Information Commissioner’s Office has said Google Glass, when used by companies, must comply with the country’s data protection laws. The assertion comes just days after Google Glass was officially released in Britain. Andrew Paterson, senior technology officer at ICO, wrote that information collected by Google Glass must abide by the Data Protection […]

ECJ Rules in Favor of “The Right to Be Forgotten”

In a landmark ruling from the European Court of Justice, people have the right to ask Google to delete sensitive information from their search results. The ruling, and the legal battle towards, has often been called “the right to be forgotten”. The ruling was made at the ECJ in Luxembourg but the case itself has […]