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Here’s Why You Can’t Trust a Free VPN

A lot of internet users still don’t understand and appreciate the importance of using a VPN. There are tons of reasons why people should be connected to a VPN service. Ideally, you need to be connected to a professional or premium VPN service to be able to maximize the many features and advantages that comes Read More


Symantec Reports a Rise in Regin Detection Rate

On Sunday evening, the anti-virus team at Symantec posted on their blog about the Regin espionage tool, a piece of surveillance software that comes with its own toolkit of tricks, which has been making the rounds on the Internet, undetected, since early 2008. The team goes into intricate detail about Regin’s capabilities in their latest Read More


ICREACH – The NSA’s Google-Like Metadata Sharing Platform

New documents provided to The Intercept by Edward Snowden highlight the inner workings of ICREACH, a Google-like search engine feature which shares metadata of millions of foreign nationals and US citizens. The NSA has been using this search engine to secretly provide information to two dozen agencies of the US government including the DEA (Drug Read More

Italy Gives Google A Deadline For Interacting With User Data

Google finds itself in the middle of more controversy in Europe after an Italian data-regulator handed out an 18-month deadline to reform the way it stores users’ information. As a result, Google will have to change the way it informs users how their data is collected, modify its data retention strategies, and ask for permission Read More

Facebook Tracks Everything You Type on Their Website

Even if you decide not to post it. Known only as “self-censored” posts in the official Facebook response to inquiries over the data collection policy, this information is being tracked and allocated by the social media website for use in its metadata analysis process to gain a better understanding of the userbase and how they Read More

GCHQ Deploys Fake LinkedIn Website to Snag Users

Even the security conscious can’t feel safe anymore. Today, more documents were released detailing the data collection tactics of the GCHQ, otherwise known as the British counterpart to the American NSA. Turning to websites like LinkedIn, the agency was able to ghost their own phishing-based version of the website on top of the original content, Read More

US Caught Spying on Phone Calls and Data in Spain

It’s almost redundant to be shocked by any of it at this point. Today, documents surfaced which revealed the NSA’s wiretapping and data collection efforts in Spain, spanning nearly 60 million phone calls and undisclosed amount of monitored web traffic. As of earlier this morning, the allegations from the Spanish government and demands to see Read More