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Exclusive Interview With HideMyAss COO Danvers Baillieu: On Logging, Privacy & Security

HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market with a wide reaching network of servers globally. Like most VPN companies, it has a strong stance on privacy so we spoke with the company’s COO Danvers Baillieu to find out more about HideMyAss’ logging policies, protecting its servers and how it reacts to Read More

HITRUST Announces Healthcare Security Program, CTX

With cyber attacks targeting the healthcare sector evolving and increasing at a significant pace, HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) has announced Cyber Threat XChange (CTX) to automate cyber threat analysis and intelligence and distribute actionable indicators in an electronically consumable format that firms can use to improve their cyber defenses. HITRUST stated the CTX would Read More

Russia Demands Google, Twitter & Facebook Comply with New Data Law

Following Russia’s new law stating that all Russian Internet data must be stored in the country, the communications regulator has ordered Google, Twitter, and Facebook to comply by the end of 2014. None of the three tech giants have data centers in Russia but the regulator, Roskomnadzor has issued the three companies with notifications declaring Read More

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San Diego Adds Bluetooth Tracking to Surveillance Roster

The San Diego government has been using a Bluetooth tracking system called Blufax to monitor traffic behavior via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. After Voice of San Diego reporter Michael Robertson requested documentation under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), he discovered that the city government had a minimum of 16 Blufax devices and intended to eventually install Read More

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Incapsula Strikes Back At DDoS Attack On Video Gaming Website

A group of unknown hackers carried out a well-planned multi-vector DDoS attack on a video gaming website. The attack peaked at almost 110 Gbps and sent more than 90 million packets per second. However, the attack was successfully countered by new Behemoth Scrubbers by Incapsula. Last week, Incapsula contacted the VPNCreative team and told us Read More

Russia Prohibits Anonymous Access To Public Wi-Fi

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed an order prohibiting unidentified access to Wi-Fi in public places. As a result, anonymous access to public Wi-Fi is restricted, and anyone wanting to connect will have to register with a personal ID, although the affected public areas are not clear at the moment. Access will be given Read More

Behind-the-Scenes Look at EFF’s Anti-NSA Protests

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the NSA’s harshest critics and has been following the construction of the NSA’s colossal data center in Bluffdale, Utah, which culminated in a protest co-organized with Greenpeace, where the duo flew a giant airship over the facility, bearing the slogan “Illegal Spying Below”. The June 27 stunt gathered Read More

Verizon Contract Terminated by German Government

This week, the German government announced they would be ending their contract with Verizon Wireless over concerns of spying authorized through formerly-top-secret NSA initiatives. Members of Germany’s Interior Ministry made the announcement on Thursday when speaking with the New York Times, and rationalizing their decision wasn’t exactly difficult. Beyond the clear violation of privacy the Read More


Microsoft Fighting Overseas Search Warrant

US authorities have issued a search warrant for a user’s email information on one of Microsoft’s data centers in Ireland. The company says it is fighting the order. The New York Times states that this is the first instance of a company refusing a domestic search warrant for data held overseas. It’s also believed that Read More

Google Reveals New End-to-End Encryption Scheme for Chrome

Google has announced their plans to bring full, end-to-end encryption capabilities to their Chrome web browser in the form of a new plugin which should be released sometime within the next six months if all goes according to script. For the past several months, Google has been scrambling to encrypt their servers, data centers, the Read More

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