Silk Road 2.0 Bust Shuts Down Several Other Domains

The recent take down of Silk Road 2.0 was a part of a much larger crackdown operation by the FBI and UK’s National Crime Association in several countries, seizing several darknet domains. The police have arrested 17 individuals from several countries and the bust has resulted in the shutdown of more than 25 other Tor Read More


Tor Router Anonabox Banks $600k on Kickstarter in 48 Hours

This week, a little-known upstart company Anonabox posted a Kickstarter for a new product that would make the process of signing onto the Tor anonymization protocol on your home network easier and more streamlined than ever before. Hoping to raise $7,500 in 30 days, the company’s expectations were shattered when over $600,000 poured into their Read More

FBI Might Break Into the Computers of VPN and Tor Users

A law professor claims that the DOJ wants to equip the FBI with the power to hack into computers located outside the United States. The proposal put forward by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to amend the Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure will make it easier for law enforcement officials to Read More

Hacker Takes Control of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Email

A hacker claims to have gained access to the email account of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin and until this point, a secret and anonymous figure. The hacker is threatening to reveal private information in exchange for money. The hacker who is going by the name, “Jeffrey”, responded to emails from Wired and stated Read More


GCHQ Claims Attackers Hit Internal Networks

This week in a speech held at the cybersecurity summit IA14, the UK’s Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude alluded to an attack that took place on the internal government networks of the United Kingdom and their spy affiliate the GCHQ just a few short months ago. Claiming that the internal networks of the government had Read More

Anonymous Announces Secure HAM Radio Scheme

In the wake of the NSA leaks and Edward Snowden’s revelations about a surveillance state gone haywire, hacking groups like Anonymous have started to look for new and, in a fashion that dutifully lives up to their own name, “anonymous” methods of communication that can render an entire multi-billion dollar data dragnet obsolete. Sometimes to Read More

John McAfee Has Gone Nuts for Networks: D-Central Unveiled at C2SV

It all depends on what mood you catch him in that day, I guess. Sometimes he’s an international fugitive wanted for murder in South America, others he’s a self-made security software millionaire. When we’re left with the latter, the results from encryption-mogul John McAfee are as much of a mixed bag as his often unpredictable Read More