Cambodia Hackers Escape Jail, Will Work for Government

Two Anonymous hackers in Cambodia have escaped further jail time by joining forces with the government to provide their IT skills to agencies. The hackers, King “Black Cyber” Mongkolpanha and Chou “Zoro” Songheng, aged 21 and 20 respectively, hacked up to 30 Cambodian government websites as part of Anonymous’ “Operation Cambodia Freedom” in response to Read More

FBI Might Break Into the Computers of VPN and Tor Users

A law professor claims that the DOJ wants to equip the FBI with the power to hack into computers located outside the United States. The proposal put forward by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to amend the Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure will make it easier for law enforcement officials to Read More

October is European Cyber Security Month

On September 1, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) published the dates and events planned for the 2014 European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). ECSM is an EU-based advocacy campaign that has taken place every October since 2012 across several EU member states. From the event’s dedicated website: ECSM aims to promote Read More

Brits Careless About Mobile Security, Survey Shows

With the growing number of cyber attacks, you might think that an average user would take security measures to protect their data, but you would be wrong. A new UK consumer survey shows that most users do not take smartphone security very seriously. The survey conducted by OnePoll for ZenMate featured 2,000 respondents from the Read More

NSA Caused Syrian Internet Blackout in 2012

Earlier this morning, Wired released a report which suggests that the Internet blackout in Syria, which took place over the course of two days back in 2012, was not the result of dissenting terrorists as the government had told the world, but rather the act of the NSA, according to statements from none other than Read More

dan geer

Reporting Hacks Should be Like Disease Control, Say Experts

Dan Geer, famed cyber security expert, has called on mandates to be put in place on all companies that force them to disclose hacks and breaches, much like disease control. During his keynote speech at this year’s Black Hat conference, Geer made the suggestion that companies should face mandatory requirements, which need to be stronger Read More

Former NSA Head Keith Alexander Prepares to Line His Pockets with Piles of Private Cash

The concept of government employees “retiring” into cushy private sector gigs is certainly nothing new. The practice, which has grown increasingly common as the relationship between large corporations and the public sector grows worryingly closer by the day, is often used as sort of a golden parachute for former employees of the United States who Read More


The State Of Data Breach In Universities

Lone-wolf hacker groups creating nuisance hacking tools in the basement have been replaced by sophisticated data-breach criminals as the top cybersecurity threat to universities. Hackers today are working around the clock to steal sensitive research, intellectual property, and personal information, costing universities millions of dollars and damaging their reputation in the process. The landscape of Read More


GCHQ Claims Attackers Hit Internal Networks

This week in a speech held at the cybersecurity summit IA14, the UK’s Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude alluded to an attack that took place on the internal government networks of the United Kingdom and their spy affiliate the GCHQ just a few short months ago. Claiming that the internal networks of the government had Read More

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