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CyberGhost VPN Sees Decline in Requests for User Data

CyberGhost has seen a decline in the number of take down requests it has received from governments, law enforcement, and law firms. The Romanian company, behind CyberGhost VPN which says it keeps no logs, has published its annual transparency report for 2015, which highlights take down requests it receives as well as malicious activity detected […]

Scheduled Server Maintenance at Cyberghost This Week

Cyberghost VPN is carrying out some necessary maintenance work this week on a number of servers that will cause some disruption between Monday and Wednesday. Servers are expected to be down for about five to ten minutes and customers have been provided with a list of scheduled maintenance times, a number of servers were down […]

CyberGhost Launches Mac OSX App on Snowden Anniversary

CyberGhost, an award winning VPN service provider, has launched a dedicated Mac OSX app during the first anniversary of Snowden Revelations. The app was unveiled during a live Hangout session on Google+ on June 5th, which marks the one year anniversary since the large-scale leaks and Snowden revelations about NSA and the PRISM program. The […]


Turkey Blocks YouTube in Effort to Censor Social Media

Today the government of Turkey continued its tirade against social media, by blocking access to YouTube in an effort to quell the voices of people stirring up protests from within the country and beyond. By shutting down the ability to view websites like Twitter, the government is hoping to stomp out any forms of resistance […]