Cyber Threats

Cambodia Hackers Escape Jail, Will Work for Government

Two Anonymous hackers in Cambodia have escaped further jail time by joining forces with the government to provide their IT skills to agencies. The hackers, King “Black Cyber” Mongkolpanha and Chou “Zoro” Songheng, aged 21 and 20 respectively, hacked up to 30 Cambodian government websites as part of Anonymous’ “Operation Cambodia Freedom” in response to Read More

HITRUST Announces Healthcare Security Program, CTX

With cyber attacks targeting the healthcare sector evolving and increasing at a significant pace, HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) has announced Cyber Threat XChange (CTX) to automate cyber threat analysis and intelligence and distribute actionable indicators in an electronically consumable format that firms can use to improve their cyber defenses. HITRUST stated the CTX would Read More

Colombian Officials to Receive Cyber Defense Training in Estonia

Nine Colombian government officials are going to Estonia to receive cyber defense training, revealed Colombia Reports. Juan Carlos Pinzon, Minister of Defense, said on Tuesday that it was crucial to develop skills in the areas of cyber defense and cyber security in a world where cyber crime is increasing at a rapid pace and affects Read More


How Will NATO Adapt to Cyber Threats?

With increasing cyber attacks on government organizations, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) needs to wake up to the possibility of cyber warfare, said Boston Globe columnists James G. Stavridis and Dave Weinstein, and this would need clearly defined protocols and a standardized policy. Fortunately, NATO has acknowledged the rising demands of cyber awareness and announced Read More


NCA Warns 40% of Internet User Aren’t Protected

New reports from the UK’s National Crime Agency say that nearly 40 percent of Internet users are not adequately protected from cyber threats, leaving personal and financial data at risk. The NCA has launched a new campaign with the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) and the government’s Cyber Streetwise to increase awareness of cyber threats Read More


NSA’s MonsterMind and Other Revelations by Snowden

In his interview with Wired, Edward Snowden has spilled the beans about several other NSA programs, including the latest revelation, MonsterMind. According to Snowden, MonsterMind is capable of responding back to cyber threats without any human intervention. It is especially made for intercepting foreign communications with US citizens. Any seemingly threatening attacks are automatically answered Read More

Australian Banks Facing Greater Cyber Threats

Australian banks are seen as easy targets for cyber criminals says Ernst & Young’s security boss, who made the comments while visiting clients in the country. Ken Allan, global head of information security, noted that while Australian banking systems have not suffered the same levels of attacks as the US and Europe, they were still Read More


Oxford Offers GCHQ-Approved Cyber Intelligence Degree

University of Oxford students now have the option to pursue a Master’s degree in software and system security accredited by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) – the British counterpart of the US NSA (National Security Agency). This means Oxford joins only five other universities in the UK that have their cyber security courses signed off by Read More


Is SIEM the Silver Bullet for Cyber Threat Prevention?

With cyber threats evolving and increasing in number, cyber security remains a significant challenge for organizations. The IT staff has to perform quick analysis of the security data online to determine if potential security vulnerabilities exist; they don’t have to do this for a week or two, but months or even years. Why, you ask? Read More

Cisco Acquires Malware Analysis Firm

Cisco has acquired malware analysis firm ThreatGRID, making the announcement at this week’s Cisco Live event in San Francisco, though no financial terms were disclosed. ThreatGRID, a New York company, provides malware analysis and threat intelligence technology both on-premise and in the cloud. Cisco says the acquisition will strengthen its security strategy for the future, Read More

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