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Today is Data Privacy Day

It’s Data Privacy Day, an international effort to increase awareness of data security and privacy and encourage best practices to say safe online. Google has got in on promoting the day too. You may have noticed that reminder on its homepage today to check up on your privacy settings. Meanwhile, organizations like the Electronic Frontier […]

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October marks National Cyber Security Awareness Month, powered by Stay Safe Online, an organization that promotes safe and secure Internet use. Stay Safe Online has partnered with Express VPN to help spread awareness of Internet security for children ahead of the next month. Check out this infographic below, which details the seven most important tips […]

China Allegedly Cracking Down on VPN Services

A number of VPN providers are claiming that their services are being disrupted in China as part of a supposed crackdown, according to new media reports. People’s Daily, a newspaper published by the government, stated on Friday morning that the moves to block VPNs were done “for safety” with Chinese cybersecurity analysts defending the move. […]

The FBI is Hiring ‘Ethical Hackers’ as Cyber Special Agents

The FBI is now hiring technology experts to join their forces in roles like cyber special agents and computer scientists with experience in ethical hacking, malware analysis, and computer programming. An ‘ethical hacker’ is a person who breaks into a system to check its security. Their intentions are not to hurt the system, but to […]

Hewlett Foundation Grants $45m to Security Research

The Hewlett Foundation is to pump $45m into cyber security research at three major universities – MIT, Stanford, and UC Buckley. The grant is aimed at establishing new major academic research centers. Hewlett is hoping to create a “marketplace for ideas” by addressing the growing issues surrounding online security globally. Each university is receiving $15m. […]


Security Experts Expect Big Data Breaches This Holiday Season

We should expect to see more retail data breaches over this holiday season, said one Department of Defense cyber security contractor in comments this week. Speaking with International Business Times, Robert Twitchell, CEO of Dispersive Technologies said “It’s just a matter of when they’re going to get hacked, not if.” “It would be a surprise […]

UK Firms Consider Hiring Ex-Hackers as Security Experts

Almost three-quarters of UK-based companies have admitted that they are facing a shortage in security skills, while some organizations said that they would certainly consider hiring a former hacker to stay safe from cyber crooks, says a report from KPMG. A survey by KPMG involving 300 senior HR and IT experts from organizations with more […]


Medical Devices Investigated For Cyber Security Flaws

About two dozen cases of suspected cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical devices are under investigation by the US Department of Homeland Security, according to a senior official. The devices under inspection by DHS’s Industrial Control Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) include implantable heart devices from St Jude Medical and Medtronic and an infusion pump from Hospira, […]

FBI Issues Warning Over Islamic State Cyber Attacks

The FBI says that it is monitoring social media activity for possible cyber-attack plots in response to airstrikes against the Islamic State. “Middle East-based hacktivist groups and extremist cyber actors have previously targeted US commercial and government Web sites in response to a range of US military actions and foreign policy positions,” it says. The […]

Security Sacrificed for Productivity in BYOD

With the BYOD trend becoming an integral part of the corporate landscape, the security practices and budgets geared towards protecting organizations from cyber threats are not keeping up with the number of devices that employees are bringing in. A new survey issued by Raytheon Company reveals that 52 percent of employees and organizations frequently forgo […]


Dragonfly Malware Targets Pharmaceutical Sector

New research reveals that the recently discovered Dragonfly (Havex) malware has been targeting the packaged consumer goods industry rather than the energy sector as was previously known. Its prime target is the pharmaceutical sector. Advance cyberattacks against the industry have usually focused on the critical chemical and energy sectors. The industrial infrastructure has been identified […]

Colombian Officials to Receive Cyber Defense Training in Estonia

Nine Colombian government officials are going to Estonia to receive cyber defense training, revealed Colombia Reports. Juan Carlos Pinzon, Minister of Defense, said on Tuesday that it was crucial to develop skills in the areas of cyber defense and cyber security in a world where cyber crime is increasing at a rapid pace and affects […]

October is European Cyber Security Month

On September 1, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) published the dates and events planned for the 2014 European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). ECSM is an EU-based advocacy campaign that has taken place every October since 2012 across several EU member states. From the event’s dedicated website: ECSM aims to promote […]


NCA Warns 40% of Internet User Aren’t Protected

New reports from the UK’s National Crime Agency say that nearly 40 percent of Internet users are not adequately protected from cyber threats, leaving personal and financial data at risk. The NCA has launched a new campaign with the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) and the government’s Cyber Streetwise to increase awareness of cyber threats […]

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Reporting Hacks Should be Like Disease Control, Say Experts

Dan Geer, famed cyber security expert, has called on mandates to be put in place on all companies that force them to disclose hacks and breaches, much like disease control. During his keynote speech at this year’s Black Hat conference, Geer made the suggestion that companies should face mandatory requirements, which need to be stronger […]

Sophos Launches Cyber Security Contest

A recent competition organized by the major Oxford based security firm, Sophos, gave the UK public a chance to step into the shoes of cyber detectives. Affiliated with ‘Cyber Security Challenge UK’, the event is a part of the competition series organized to discover the most promising cyber security talent in the country by simulating […]


Oxford Offers GCHQ-Approved Cyber Intelligence Degree

University of Oxford students now have the option to pursue a Master’s degree in software and system security accredited by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) – the British counterpart of the US NSA (National Security Agency). This means Oxford joins only five other universities in the UK that have their cyber security courses signed off by […]