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HideMyAss Launches Special Christmas Deals

After a successful Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale campaign, HideMyAss is back again with its annual Christmas special with up to 57 percent savings on a HMA VPN package. Christmas is the season of giving and here’s what HideMyAss has in store for all those looking to purchase a reliable and efficient online privacy […]


LastPass Release Scorecard of ‘Naughty & Nice’ E-tailers

LastPass has published its e-tailer scorecard for a number of major business’ online stores, scoring how each one does in protecting user data such as names, addresses, and most importantly, payment data. Cyber Monday may be over but the online shopping frenzy ahead of Christmas is anything but the password manager chronicles the “naughty and […]


Cyber Monday Phishing Scams on the Rise

Black Friday. Just the name seems to imply an ominous sense of death and destruction, and the actual celebration of the ‘holiday’ seems no different, if the local news reports are to be believed. Customers trampled to death at the doors of Wal-Mart, moms and daughters fist fighting each other over the last dress on […]

HideMyAss Discounted Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

HideMyAss Pro VPN is one of the world’s most popular VPN providers. Starting today, they’re to kick off the holiday shopping season by offering significantly discounted rates during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. HideMyAss Black Friday 2014 Sale The Black Friday 2014 special offer is running from November 28 (00:00am PST) to November 30. The […]

European Parliament’s WiFi Compromised

Without even a week to recover from the news that the US had been hacking German and Russian embassies, it turns out the EU Parliament has come under attack from an as of yet unnamed group of international penetration testers. The Strasbourg-based collection of government officials has been threat recently, as staff emails and smartphones […]