Cyber Command

Keith Alexander Suggests Reducing NSA’s Reach

When pressed by yet another in a long line of Congress hearings this Thursday, current head honcho of the National Security Agency General Keith Alexander told members of the committee that he would be “open to the idea” of scaling down operations at NSA headquarters to only include terrorists actually suspected of a crime, rather Read More

Michael Rogers Named New Head of NSA

Welp, it’s official. Barack Obama has formally nominated Vice Admiral of the US Navy Michael Rogers to head up the NSA in 2014. The current head of both the NSA and US Cyber Command, General Keith Alexander, served at the pleasure of two different presidents in his nearly nine-year tenure, and oversaw some of the Read More

NSA Chief Keith Alexander Stepping Down in 2014

In a statement released by anonymous government officials to Reuters this Thursday, it has been revealed that the chief of the NSA, General Alexander Kieth, would be leaving the agency for good in the next six months. The agency claims his departure has ‘nothing to do’ with the Snowden leaks, citing that the decision had Read More