FBI Issues Warning Over Islamic State Cyber Attacks

The FBI says that it is monitoring social media activity for possible cyber-attack plots in response to airstrikes against the Islamic State. “Middle East-based hacktivist groups and extremist cyber actors have previously targeted US commercial and government Web sites in response to a range of US military actions and foreign policy positions,” it says. The Read More

NSA Seeks to Build ‘Treasure Map’ of Entire Internet

New documents leaked from the Snowden camp have revealed a plot by the NSA and GCHQ to create a map of every device connected to the Internet at any given time. This means that every desktop, laptop, tablet, and cell phone would be carefully logged and traced on an industrial level, so that agents could Read More

Canadian Government Blames Chinese Hackers Over Attack

The office of Canada’s National Research Council recently fell prey to a cyber-attack from alleged Chinese hackers, say Canada’s CIO. Chief information officer Corinne Charette revealed that the R&D body was forced to shut down a number of its computers last weekend in response to the “highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor”. The Canadian government had Read More

Mt. Gox Head Apologizes to Customers

In his first in-depth interview since the Mt. Gox collapse, Mark Karpeles, the head of the controversial exchange has said he is sorry that customers lost their money. Mt. Gox once held roughly 80 percent of all bitcoins, until hundreds of thousands of them vanished in what the company claimed was a cyber-attack. The company Read More

US Military Database in South Korea Breached

US military databases in South Korea have been hit by a cyber-attack according to officials, compromising about 16,000 current and former Korean national employees of the US military. Names, contacts, and work history of employees were accessed as well as the information of people that sought work in these Korean-based operations. General Curtis M Scaparrotti Read More

eBay Hit With Cyber-Attack, Users Must Change Passwords

eBay has issued a warning to all users to change their passwords as the site has been struck a cyber-attack that has compromised passwords and other non-financial information. The company adds that PayPal has not been affected. eBay issued a statement on the matter. Here’s a little on what they had to say. eBay Inc. Read More