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Premera Hackers Make Off With Massive Medical Haul

This week, a representative for the healthcare insurance provider Premera revealed that the core servers of their customer database had been breached, unearthing the details of millions of medical records and putting the majority of their userbase at risk for possible identity theft or worse. The heist, which yielded its perpetrators a mind-numbing 11 million […]

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A Warrant Canary Gives VPNs a Legal Loophole with Warrants

Recently BolehVPN announced that it would be joining a growing list of VPN providers that publish a warrant canary, an official statement signed by the company that states it has not received any warrant or demands from authorities yet. Many VPN providers highlight their “no log policy”, meaning that it does not log or store […]

Millions of Anthem Blue Cross Members Hit in Cyberattack

This Thursday, millions of health insurance customers under the umbrella of the Anthem corporation woke up to an email stating that their membership data and health records had been accessed by a still unknown third party hacking ring. “Anthem will individually notify current and former members whose information has been accessed. We will provide credit […]

Lizard Squad DDoS Service Database Hacked

According to a new blog post from famed security researcher Brian Krebs, the DDoS service offered up by the hacking duo Lizard Squad has been compromised, and the identifying information contained within has been leaked as a result. If you’ll remember back to Christmas, Lizard Squad made headlines when they took down the networks of […]


VPNs Say Netflix Working Fine Now, Exec Calls Claims ‘False’

Tech bloggers and VPN services were abuzz earlier this week when reports surfaced that Netflix was taking new measures against geo blocking circumvention measures. Netflix has since denied these reports but a couple of VPN providers we spoke with tell us that they’ll be keeping a close eye on things. VPN provider TorGuard was one […]


Piracy Law in Canada May Require VPNs To Log User Data

According to a new law, Canadian ISPs are now required to send copyright infringement statements to their subscribers. The new law also creates troubles for VPN providers as they may now be required to log their customers’ data for a minimum of six months. After several years of discussion, Canada has finally implemented the new […]

Lizard Squad Speaks Up About DDoS

This Christmas, millions of kids and adults around the globe booted up their brand new consoles, only to be greeted with a message from Microsoft and Sony claiming that their online gaming networks were “down for maintenance”. In the days that followed, a well-known hacking group and offshoot of Anonymous calling themselves Lizard Squad publicly […]


Uber Permissions Request Raises Eyebrows Amongst Users

This week, a random Uber customer going by the name of “Joe” (of “Joe’s Security Blog”) revealed details of his investigation into the permissions that Uber had requested on his Android OS device. “I downloaded Uber the other day and its pretty cool and handy. The only qualm I had was with all the permissions […]

Chief of NSA Michael Rogers Warns of Incoming Infrastructure Attack

This Thursday, newly-anointed head of the NSA Michael Rogers appeared before the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee to testify that China, and “probably one or two” other countries had the active capability to hack into, and disable critical pieces of energy and financial infrastructure within the United States. Of course, the whole thing seems […]


Security Experts Expect Big Data Breaches This Holiday Season

We should expect to see more retail data breaches over this holiday season, said one Department of Defense cyber security contractor in comments this week. Speaking with International Business Times, Robert Twitchell, CEO of Dispersive Technologies said “It’s just a matter of when they’re going to get hacked, not if.” “It would be a surprise […]

Home Depot Customers Not Deterred by Data Breach

Despite its near-crippling data breach earlier this year, Home Depot has posted solid earnings growth today, indicating that customers have not been deterred from shopping there. The DIY store chain reported a 14 percent growth in earnings in the third quarter, putting concerns at ease for shareholders after September’s data breach that affected over 50 […]

US State Dept Closes Email System After Suspected Hack Attack

The US State Department temporarily closed its entire unclassified email system on Friday, after suspicious activity was detected on the system, according to a report from AP. None of the classified systems were affected by the suspected hack, according to a senior department official speaking to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. “The […]


Best Slovenia VPN

The 2012 Index of Economic Freedom ranked Slovenia 76th among 177 countries in freedom and openness. Hong Kong and Singapore occupied the first and second positions in the list. Slovenia is generally regarded as ‘moderately free’ as the government does not usually monitor the Internet activities of its citizens. This, however, doesn’t mean that Internet […]

Operation Huyao Phishes Financial Details of Shopping Sites

Today researchers with Trend Micro published a report on a new phishing technique, known as the Huyao Operation, which utilized a fresh take on one of the oldest scams in the book. Instead of completely replicating entire pages that can be used to lure in would-be shoppers, instead Hayuo creates a new path of approach, […]


1,600 Card Transactions Breached at Minnesota Casino

Another day, another low profile data breach as 1,600 card transactions are breached at a casino in Minnesota, further shining a light on the number of smaller breaches taking place under the radar. The Grand Casino Mille Lacs in the town of Onamia reported this week that names, payment card numbers and expiration dates were […]