Experts Warn of Rising Ransomware in 2015

Security experts are expecting 2015 to be the year where ransomware and extortionware grows significantly, according to reports. In its 2015 Threats Prediction Report, McAfee Labs says that this year we will see an increase in the use of cyber espionage and cyber warfare tactics, with analysts predicting an increase in ransomware and extortionware, where Read More

Fox IT

23,000 Websites at Risk of Backdoor CryptoPHP Threat

Just before everyone headed home for Thanksgiving break last week, researchers at the Netherlands-based digital forensics lab Fox IT posted a whitepaper which detailed the results of their investigation into a bug that could affect over 23,000 websites that use the WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal publication platforms to host their own content.

messaging apps

Study Finds Common Messaging Apps Lack Minimum Security Standards

Experts from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have evaluated common messaging tools in a new study, finding that only a few apps meet minimum security standards. The researchers examined 39 popular messaging apps and only six of them had the features required to ensure the security of messages sent over the Internet. Popular messaging apps Read More


CloudFlare Acquires & Shuts Down CryptoSeal

CloudFlare has acquired VPN provider CryptoSeal and will shut down the service but will continue to use its Trusted Computing technology. The shutdown process has already begun and CryptoSeal will officially be no more by June 30th, according to CloudFlare. No financial terms were disclosed. CryptoSeal’s founder Ryan Lackey will be joining CloudFlare as product Read More

“TrueCrypt is not secure,” Says Source at SourceForge

Twitter has been ablaze with controversy over an announcement from one of the official TrueCrypt websites that the widely used encryption software is no longer a viable option to keep files, documents, and confidential information on the low down. For years TrueCrypt has been the go-to solution for anyone who wanted a simple, but highly Read More


RSA’s Crypto Even Weaker Than Previously Thought

A group of professors from Johns Hopkins and the University of Wisconsin have discovered a second, even weaker exploit in the RSA encryption standard, reports Reuters. This could potentially be abused by hackers who are trying to force their way into someone’s desktop to view or alter the data contained within. Several months ago we Read More

New “Cryptophone” Launches in France

Two terms have been skyrocketing in the trend department of Google search over the past few months: VPNs, and encryption technologies. Of course, 80% of all our interaction with the internet takes place over smartphones these days, so why wouldn’t we pay the same attention to our mobile devices as we do those waiting for Read More

How to Secure Yourself Against CryptoLocker

When we first reported on the now infamous malware CryptoLocker in September of 2013, the virus had only made its way onto a few thousand machines across the entire globe. Now the infection is spreading faster than ever, with the holiday season coming to a close and thousands of UPS and FedEx customers being unwittingly tricked Read More

Apple Defends Itself Against NSA Cooperation Claims

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’d see that Apple has been leading the charge for privacy on as many fronts as their legal team can take, but as the old adage says, “it’s always the one’s you least suspect.” Operation DROPOUTJEEP  is capable of a lot of different things, none of which should Read More