Credit Cards

UPS Admits to Loss of Credit Card Data at 51 Stores

This Wednesday, the international shipping company UPS admitted that 51 of its brick-and-mortar stores in 24 states had been the target of a sophisticated, coordinated POS scam which affected just over 100,000 transactions between the dates of January 20 and August 11 of this year. The reach of this attack was obviously much smaller than Read More

Chinese Chain P.F. Chang’s Hit in Latest POS Scam

The popular Chinese-fusion restaurant chain PF Chang’s has revealed they have been the latest victims of a POS scam, one which claimed the credit and debit card numbers of thousands of customers over a period of around eight months in total. Up to 33 locations from around the United States were hit by the hack, Read More

EU RFID logo

EU’s Digital Agenda Passes Union-Wide RFID Standards

The Digital Agenda for Europe is now implementing EU-wide technical standards and “data protection impact assessments” to encourage RFID use. The most notable aspect of this standardization is the introduction of a new logo that will make it immediately obvious when an RFID tag is in use. Photo: A recent press release detailed the Read More

Former NSA Head Keith Alexander Prepares to Line His Pockets with Piles of Private Cash

The concept of government employees “retiring” into cushy private sector gigs is certainly nothing new. The practice, which has grown increasingly common as the relationship between large corporations and the public sector grows worryingly closer by the day, is often used as sort of a golden parachute for former employees of the United States who Read More

Goodwill Slammed by Latest POS Scam

No morals, these hackers… Like there was a more selfless organization you could steal from, today it was reported that the major thrift retailer Goodwill could be the latest in a long line of targets who have had their point-of-sale systems hacked by criminal rings who pull financial details from compromised credit cards en masse. Read More

online dating

Online Dating Services Flooded with Scam Risks

Ready to try your luck in online dating? It turns out the fear of rejection is the least of your worries. Whirlwind romances might sound intriguing, but they pose a threat to your privacy and sensitive information such as credit cards when it comes to online dating. In fact, cyber-crime has become so widespread in Read More

Target Finally Announces Chip-and-PIN System for Credit Cards

Nearly half a year after the Target debacle first broke headlines back in December, the mega-retailer has finally announced that all Target credit cards printed in 2015 will come with two-factor “chip and PIN” security measures, installed to better protect customers who shop at their store using the freshly approved payment method. Designed to better Read More

Data breach

Experian Co Data Breach Affecting 200 Million Americans

200 million Americans have had their sensitive data sold. Ouch. What makes this story worse is that the seller was Experian Co., a well-known and highly trusted credit reporting agency. This story surfaced back in October of 2013 and seemed to have been shadowed over by the Target data breach story just one month later. Read More


Hacked Twitter Accounts May Be Worth More Than Credit Cards

In a recently revealed document from the RAND Corporation, the “Markets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data: Hacker’s Bazaar” report reveals that on today’s web, Twitter accounts can be far more valuable than traditional methods of online scamming and scrounging like financial accounts, debit card numbers, or leaked general personal information. According to the release, Read More

Social Media

Dangerous Behaviors on Social Media Increasing

There is something very alarming about social media users. Their ignorance. 66 percent of adult Facebook users reported they were unaware that privacy controls existed. 24 percent of Americans claim they do not comprehend how to adjust their privacy controls. 15 percent of Americans have not viewed their privacy or security settings. These are just Read More

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