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Premera Hackers Make Off With Massive Medical Haul

This week, a representative for the healthcare insurance provider Premera revealed that the core servers of their customer database had been breached, unearthing the details of millions of medical records and putting the majority of their userbase at risk for possible identity theft or worse. The heist, which yielded its perpetrators a mind-numbing 11 million […]

Internet Explorer Bug Puts User Credentials at Risk

This week a new, previously unknown exploit appeared on the scene that can work its way through fully patched versions of Internet Explorer. The problem affects Windows 7 and 8.1, and for the time being at least, can not be stopped by the browser’s in-house anti-phishing firewall. Exposed by David Leo of the security research […]

Anonymous Vows to Strike Back Against Charlie Hebdo Terrorists

This week, representatives for the hacktivist organization Anonymous took to the group’s YouTube channel to release a new video, that vows to take action against the terrorist organizations responsible for the attacks at Charlie Hebdo earlier this week. Flying under the hashflag of #OPCharlieHedbo, a figurehead for the group, dawned in their trademark Guy Fawkes […]


Plague of Brute Force Attacks & How to Protect Yourself

The term ‘brute force attacks’ conjures up many images. A battering ram being heaved at the door of a castle. An army from ancient Rome 86,000 strong taking on Hannibal at Cannae. Any number of scenes from Game of Thrones… Yes, the visuals are vivid, but since we’re talking Internet security here, they’re fairly far […]

Best VPN for Travel

The Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab has warned that the ‘Darkhotel’ espionage campaign is still active and has been going on for at least four years. The Darkhotel campaign is designed to target unprotected hotel Wi-Fi networks and steal sensitive data from high profile corporate executives traveling abroad. The hackers behind the […]

Mobile Payment Processor Charge Anywhere Unearths 5-year Attack

While performing a routine malware check this week, the mobile payment app vendor Charge Anywhere discovered that an unknown attacker had been enjoying 100 percent information control of all the system’s most vital networks since early 2009. The company, which aids in processing in-app payments and website purchases, says that nearly all the data on […]

Getmypass PoS Malware Emerges During Holiday Season

A new family of PoS (Point of Sale) malware called Getmypass has been found by a security researcher, and only a few anti-virus tools are able to detect it. Nick Hoffman, the reverse engineer who discovered the Getmypass malware, wrote that it shares some features that are similar to other RAM (random access memory) scrapers […]


Uber Begrudgingly Moves to Two Factor Authentication in India

Uber has been forced to comply with rules in India that state it must use two factor authentication for online transactions, despite the ride sharing company’s protestations. The app announced that it will comply with the rules put in place by the Reserve Bank of India but said that they were “an antiquated solution that […]

MalwareBytes Forum Hacked, User Passwords Reset

A few days ago, it was confirmed that the forum for the popular anti-virus company MalwareBytes had been compromised by an unknown assailant, and that user credentials could have possibly been stolen in the attack. Obviously the hack doesn’t bode well for the faith that MalwareBytes would expect its users to have in its anti-virus […]

DoubleDirect MITM Attacks Target Smartphone & OS X Users

Hackers are conducting MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks against iOS and Android smartphones using a new technique dubbed DoubleDirect, according to security researchers at the San Francisco-based security company, Zimperium. DoubleDirect allows an attacker to redirect the victim’s traffic to his computer. Once the traffic has been redirected, the hacker can steal details and […]

Major Game Publishers Hacked by DerpTrolling

On Friday, a hacking group calling themselves “DerpTrolling” posted on their Twitter that they had been the culprits behind many of the year’s biggest gaming-related server hacks, including PlayStation Network, Windows Live, and Blizzard Entertainment. To prove it, Derp posted a glut of username/password combinations on Pastebin, many of which were stolen from another game […]

Carder.su Fraudster Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

A Georgia man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for buying stolen credit and debit card numbers on the online black market, Carder.su. Cameron Harrison (28), also known under the pseudonym ‘Kilobit’, was sentenced on Wednesday, having pleaded guilty to charges relating to the possession of 260 pilfered card details. The Georgia man […]

Operation Huyao Phishes Financial Details of Shopping Sites

Today researchers with Trend Micro published a report on a new phishing technique, known as the Huyao Operation, which utilized a fresh take on one of the oldest scams in the book. Instead of completely replicating entire pages that can be used to lure in would-be shoppers, instead Hayuo creates a new path of approach, […]


Postal Service Staff Database Hacked

This Monday, the US Postal Service admitted that it has called in the assistance of the FBI after discovering that its staff database had been compromised and the names, home addresses, and social security numbers of their employees had been swiped in the process. “The Postal Service has recently learned of a cyber security intrusion […]


Operation Huyao Makes Phishing Easier For Hackers

Just as we’re preparing for the holiday season, hackers have come up with their own way to celebrate. They have devised a new way to catch unsuspecting online shoppers with phishing techniques to steal their personal and financial information. The new technique, named Operation Huyao by Trend Micro researchers, allows hackers to create almost perfect […]

Researchers Expose Vulnerability in Visa Contactless Cards

Researchers at Newcastle University have identified a major vulnerability in Visa’s contactless cards that could allow hackers to steal huge amounts of money from users’ accounts without their knowledge. Contactless credit cards allow users in the UK to make transactions that cost less than £20 without entering their PIN, speeding up the process and improving […]

Opal Card

Australia’s Opal Card Raises New Privacy Concerns

Opal Card, the public transport payment card system for New South Wales, Australia, used by 1.1m people has raised several privacy concerns regarding the data collected and where it goes. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a survey conducted by NSW Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Coombs states that NSW residents are concerned that the information held […]

Ferry Company Sees 60K Card Details Leaked

Cape May-Lewes Ferry, a Delaware-based ferry company, has notified over 60,000 customers regarding a credit and debit card breach at its locations, affecting names, card numbers, and expiration dates. The retail sales data breach has quite a wide window with the company’s notification letter stating that cards used between September of 2013 and August of […]


Backoff PoS Malware Infections Soared In Q3

With the holiday shopping season approaching, Damballa’s Q3 2014 State of Infections Report reveals consumers or retailers are even more vulnerable to Backoff PoS (point-of-sale) malware, which increased 57 percent from August to September, and by 27 percent during the last month. The findings from the security firm indicate that the malicious program targeting the […]