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Plague of Brute Force Attacks & How to Protect Yourself

The term ‘brute force attacks’ conjures up many images. A battering ram being heaved at the door of a castle. An army from ancient Rome 86,000 strong taking on Hannibal at Cannae. Any number of scenes from Game of Thrones… Yes, the visuals are vivid, but since we’re talking Internet security here, they’re fairly far Read More

Getmypass PoS Malware Emerges During Holiday Season

A new family of Point of Sale (PoS) malware called Getmypass has been found by a security researcher, and only a few anti-virus tools are able to detect it. Nick Hoffman, the reverse engineer who discovered the Getmypass malware, wrote that it shares some features that are similar to other RAM (random access memory) scrapers Read More

MalwareBytes Forum Hacked, User Passwords Reset

A few days ago, it was confirmed that the forum for the popular anti-virus company MalwareBytes had been compromised by an unknown assailant, and that user credentials could have possibly been stolen in the attack. Obviously the hack doesn’t bode well for the faith that MalwareBytes would expect its users to have in its anti-virus Read More

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