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Operation Huyao Makes Phishing Easier For Hackers

Just as we’re preparing for the holiday season, hackers have come up with their own way to celebrate. They have devised a new way to catch unsuspecting online shoppers with phishing techniques to steal their personal and financial information. The new technique, named Operation Huyao by Trend Micro researchers, allows hackers to create almost perfect […]


Shadowcrew Vendor Jailed for 30 Months After Decade on the Run

A Bulgarian national has been sentenced to 30 months in prison by a New Jersey court for his role in Shadowcrew, a former cybercrime forum that bought and sold stolen credit card details. Aleksi Kolarov (32) had been on the run for nearly ten years but pleaded guilty to the charges against him, including identity […]

Thousands of Card Details Compromised at Sourcebooks

Hackers have compromised the online shopping platform for book publishers Sourcebooks, potentially lifting payment information from over 5,000 customers. The company has sent out notification letters to customers warning them of the breach occurring between April 16 and June 19, where “authorized parties” accessed credit card details. This included card numbers, card verification value (CVV), […]


Potential Flaw Revealed in Amazon’s Kindle Security

German Internet security professional Benjamin Mussler has detected a potential flaw in Amazon’s Kindle website that hackers can exploit to access user data. A hacker can exploit this vulnerability when users download malicious eBooks. Benjamin Mussler was the first to discover this flaw in October 2013, which Amazon fixed in December. Mussler says that users […]

Potential Flaw Revealed in Education Website Coursera

One of the most popular education platforms on the Internet, Coursera, has more than nine million students. Unfortunately, it also suffers from several critical issues that put the information of its students at risk. Jonathan Mayer, a computer science instructor at Stanford, says that any teacher registered with the site can download the entire database […]

GOZ is Back in a New and Powerful Avatar

An ongoing study reveals that newGOZ, the hottest incarnation of Zeus, makes use of a domain generated algorithm instead of the previously-used P2P command-and-control system. This significant change can force the cybercriminals to work overtime. The security firm Arbor Networks reveals that this latest change in newGOZ has increased the infection rate by 1,879 percent. […]

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PF Chang’s Confirms Data Breach

Chinese restaurant chain PF Chang’s has confirmed that they have been the victim of a security breach and customers’ credit and debit card information has been stolen. Most interestingly, the company said that they are now using traditional manual credit card imprinting systems for the time being. The company released a statement on Thursday informing […]


Study Finds Pirate Sites Riddled With Malware

A study conducted by anti-piracy group Incopro, that’s Intelligent Content Protection by the way, has discovered that pirate sites that 90 percent of piracy sites are rife with malware and other threats. For a regular user of such sites, this might not come as too surprising as navigating such a site can often be like […]

20 Million Credit Card Details Stolen in South Korea

In the latest hack against the South Korean people, nearly 20 million identities have been stolen and sold on by a contractor at the credit rating firm Korea Credit Bureau, a company that maintains one of the most popular credit reporting services in the nation. Turns out an unnamed IT consultant who was hired on […]

Malware Maker Behind Target Breach Exposed

According to a recent blog post from the IT security firm IntelCrawler, researchers into the attack which claimed the credit card details and information of over 70 million Target customers last month may have finally identified the source of software that made the lucrative heist possible. By tracking the username “Ree[4]” on several different forums […]

40 Million Credit Card Details Stolen From Target

If you shopped at Target this holiday season, your sensitive credit card details and personal information could now be in the hands of hackers nationwide. After acquiring access to the central payment systems Target relies on to process all its credit card charges, the data thieves were able to download masses of credit card numbers, […]