credit card data Fraudster Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

A Georgia man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for buying stolen credit and debit card numbers on the online black market, Cameron Harrison (28), also known under the pseudonym ‘Kilobit’, was sentenced on Wednesday, having pleaded guilty to charges relating to the possession of 260 pilfered card details. The Georgia man Read More

Malware BlackEnergy Returns, Claims Over 100 Victims

Security firm ESET says that the ongoing malware attacks on Ukraine, Poland, and Brussels are aimed at stealing government and industrial secrets and not cash. According to ESET, these campaigns are spearheaded by criminal hackers rather than the government of Russia. A ‘Lite’ version of the malicious software BlackEnergy has been discovered in Poland and Read More

Brits Careless About Mobile Security, Survey Shows

With the growing number of cyber attacks, you might think that an average user would take security measures to protect their data, but you would be wrong. A new UK consumer survey shows that most users do not take smartphone security very seriously. The survey conducted by OnePoll for ZenMate featured 2,000 respondents from the Read More

UPS Admits to Loss of Credit Card Data at 51 Stores

This Wednesday, the international shipping company UPS admitted that 51 of its brick-and-mortar stores in 24 states had been the target of a sophisticated, coordinated POS scam which affected just over 100,000 transactions between the dates of January 20 and August 11 of this year. The reach of this attack was obviously much smaller than Read More


SuperValu & Albertson’s Struck by Data Breach

A cyber attack at Supervalu and Albertson’s may have stolen the credit card data of people who shopped at the companies’ grocery stores in the past couple of months. The two major US grocery retailers hold sensitive data of thousands of shoppers. The recent data breach could have a major impact on them. According to Read More

UK Online Travel Company Fined £150,000 After Data Breach

A UK-based online travel company known as ‘Think W3’ has been fined £150,000 by the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), after a hacker breached its subsidiary business website ‘Essential Travel’ and accessed credit card details. The hacker was able to retrieve credit card data going back as far as 2006 due to a coding error on Read More

Russia Furious Over US ‘Kidnapping’ Alleged Hacker

Russia has criticized the US for “kidnapping” the son of a Russian parliamentarian who is believed to be an infamous hacker. The arrest was made by the US Secret Service on July 5 in Guam. Roman Seleznev (30) is believed to have been involved in the cyber-thefts of countless credit card data. According to the Read More