Controversial Anonabox Tor Router Returns

Anonabox, the controversial project that raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter, has made a return – this time on Indiegogo. The project was suspended from Kickstarter in the midst of the questions regarding the originality of the device. The Anonabox project was removed from Kickstarter after industry experts found that the device was not custom made Read More

WorldPay Hacker Sentenced to 11 Years

Estonian hacker Sergei Nicolaevich Tšurikov, who infamously led a hacking ring that stole $9.4m from WorldPay in 2008 has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. Tšurikov, who was extradited to the US to face trial and pleaded guilty, and a team of accomplices cracked the encryption and removed the withdrawal limits of ATMs belonging Read More

smart meters

Smart Meters Can Be Hacked To Under-Report Power Use

Previously, there was a report highlighting the vulnerability of traffic lights to hacking. It indicated that privacy and security are key issues for critical infrastructure and the energy sector. Now a new story has unfolded: millions of smart meters (network-connected electricity meters) used in Spain can be hacked due to lack of essential security implementations. Read More

Are You Taking All Precautions For Online Banking?

The Trojan Tinba Banker has started making headlines all over again. It has affected a large number of banks in the US. Although it is very light (just 20 KB), it possesses network sniffing and ‘man-in-the-browser’ capabilities. Meanwhile in the UK, banking fraud has increased although banks have rolled out complex encryption systems. Banks are well aware Read More

Playstation and Xbox Accounts Caught by Gamescom Troll

Gamescom is always a tense time for the big game publishers and the companies who support their content, and as streaming services like (of former fame) continue to grow end over end in popularity, many of those same players in the industry are turning to the website to promote their latest content online. Read More


Blackphone Rooted at Annual DefCon

At this year’s Defcon hacker conference, security researchers at the engineering group TeamAndIRC proved that the Blackphone, developed by SGP Technologies, could be rooted and cracked in less than five minutes by exploiting a crack in the Android Debugger Kit’s code. *updated below You’ll remember several months ago when we first reported on the development Read More


New Internet of Things Lightbulb Cracked in Latest Attack

According to a blog post published by Context Security over the weekend, the LIFX smartphone-controlled lightbulb contains a system-breaking vulnerability, one which enables an attacker to freely roam the Wi-Fi network they’re connected to, as well as track any mobile devices which may have been used as a control center while the exploit was active. Read More


2 Decade Old Bug Found in Android Phones, Curiosity Rover

This past weekend, the original creator and coder of the Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer data compression algorithm Markus Oberhumer revealed that his 20-year old coding project would be receiving a long-awaited update to version 2.07. The reason for Oberhumer’s sudden announcement is unclear, although he was quick to note a recent discovery of corrupted code within the algorithm Read More

AOL Breach Worse Than Previously Thought — 500,000 Accounts Affected

Today it was confirmed by a report from Reuters that the AOL password breach is faring far worse than previously thought. Of AOL’s 26 million users, around 2 percent of them had been successfully hijacked from their owners control in order to spam the inboxes of customers on Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. The competing services Read More


MIT Claims “Anti-NSA” Encryption Breakthrough

A group of researchers from MIT have announced that they have finally cracked the code on an encryption method that not even PRISM, one of the most effective and pervasive NSA information collection methods to date, could match. Mylar is a new program that runs software inside a pre-secured area of common servers, capable of Read More

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