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UK Intelligence Agencies Accused of Spying on Lawyers

Intelligence agencies in the UK have policies that allow their staff to spy on calls and emails between lawyers and their clients, according to new reports, and this information could be illegally used to influence terrorist trials. As part of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) case filed by the charity organization Reprieve against the UK Read More

US Court Opens Gmail to Search Warrants

A court in New York recently handed down a ruling that allowed authorities full unrestricted access to a Gmail account with a warrant. This ruling sets a precedent to treat email accounts as hard drives, providing law enforcement with the authority to seize all communications (including saved drafts) and contacts in order to determine what Read More


Open Rights Group to Sue UK Government Over DRIP

Open Rights Group, one of the chief opponents to the UK’s new data retention law DRIP, has attempted to block the legislation with court action. Its basis for seeking a court case is the ruling from the European Court of Justice, which ruled that data retention from ISPs and telecoms for governments was unlawful. However Read More