More Limitless Keyloggers Now Available ‘Off the Shelf’

Trend Micro’s new research paper sheds light on Limitless and Predator Pain keyloggers, unscrupulous but effective tools that scammers are increasingly making use of. According to Ryan Flores, senior threat researcher, more of these remote access tools are “simple, off-the-shell” offerings that are used to commit email fraud in corporations on a significant scale. The Read More


1,600 Card Transactions Breached at Minnesota Casino

Another day, another low profile data breach as 1,600 card transactions are breached at a casino in Minnesota, further shining a light on the number of smaller breaches taking place under the radar. The Grand Casino Mille Lacs in the town of Onamia reported this week that names, payment card numbers and expiration dates were Read More


Harkonnen Malware Finally Comes to an End

At long last, the end has finally come for what was perhaps the longest-living malware operation in the history of the Internet – a scam that has been targeting governments, corporations, and banks in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland for over a decade. Widely known as the ‘Harkonnen Operation’, this scam involved over 800 fake companies Read More

US Intelligence “Hedges Bets” Against Competitors

“If one does not consider the long-range future, one will never cease to be surprised.” In this context the Director of National Intelligence introduced the US Intelligence Community’s most recent Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review (QICR), published in 2009. Deputy Director of National Intelligence David R. Shedd. Photo: Wikimedia Commons It is the most recent of Read More

Lizard Squad Only Raises More Questions in Reddit AMA

The hacker group Lizard Squad that gained attention earlier this week for their alleged involvement in the Playstation hack, held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit this Thursday. The purpose of the exercise was to invite users and let them ask questions about their latest hacking activities that grabbed the headlines. Earlier this Read More

Former NSA Head Keith Alexander Prepares to Line His Pockets with Piles of Private Cash

The concept of government employees “retiring” into cushy private sector gigs is certainly nothing new. The practice, which has grown increasingly common as the relationship between large corporations and the public sector grows worryingly closer by the day, is often used as sort of a golden parachute for former employees of the United States who Read More

patent troll

Tech Giants & US House Move to Counter Patent Trolls

The US House of Representatives and corporations in Silicon Valley are taking action against excessive patent litigation, also known as “patent trolling.” The House subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade drafted the Targeting Rogue and Opaque Letters (TROL) Act of 2014. Last Friday the subcommittee approved the bill to be submitted for consideration to the Read More

Meet the Linux Foundation’s “Core Infrastructure Initiative” Project

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that is set up to help with the growth and expansion of Linux. To date, it has taken on many large corporations as members. The foundation receives over $6 million a year in donations as of this month. The majority of this comes from the eight platinum members, Read More

hacking attacks

5 Sneakiest Hacking Attacks You Should Know About

As you probably know, hacking attacks are rampant these days and those trying to access personal and sensitive information are not choosing whom to target next. Individuals regardless of race or status, companies and corporations big and small are all potential victims to hacking activities or unauthorized accesses. As a matter of fact, it was Read More

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