Internet Safety Tools Like VPN are Under Threat

While we, in general, live in an increasingly safer, richer world, it often feels like development in regards to civil rights and democracy is taking one step forward and two steps backward. What I’m referring to in particular is Internet freedom and online security. Over the past 25 years the development of the World Wide Read More

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Kick Ass Torrents Offline Following Domain Name Seizure

Well-known torrent site Kick Ass Torrents is temporarily offline after its domain was seized but the owners say they will be moving back to an old domain name shortly. The site’s .so domain name was registered in Somalia, which was considered a “safe haven” according to Wired where it was out of the reach of Read More

Latest Snowden Leaks Reveal ‘Levitation’

It’s not over yet. As the year wanes on, leaks from the Snowden camp continue to trickle out, and the latest seems to have the activities of users download habits square in its sights. This time however, unlike pretty much every other leak we’ve seen so far, we see the Canadians getting in on the Read More

VPN Providers Mull Their Future in Canada

Yesterday we reported on a new law that came into effect in Canada where ISPs must log user data and send copyright infringement notices to people believed to be infringing on copyright. There has been some confusion over how this relates to VPN services with some providers feeling concerned over how it affects their no-logging Read More


MPAA May Try to Stop Data ‘At the Border’

The MPAA is attempting to apply a new tactic in tackling piracy, the International Trade Commission (ICT), which would allow data to be stopped ‘at the border’. According to a leaked document and two public filings (1)(2), the movie industry is trying to have digital transmissions regulated much like imported goods and apply this law Read More


Piracy Law in Canada May Require VPNs To Log User Data

According to a new law, Canadian ISPs are now required to send copyright infringement statements to their subscribers. The new law also creates troubles for VPN providers as they may now be required to log their customers’ data for a minimum of six months. After several years of discussion, Canada has finally implemented the new Read More

Pirate Bay Suspect Released From Police Custody

A week on from the police raid on Pirate Bay HQ in Sweden, one of the suspects has been released from police custody, according to a report from Torrent Freak. The man, currently unnamed, who is believed to be a site moderator remains a suspect in the case and court hearings are expected, says prosecutor Read More

The Pirate Bay Taken Down After Swedish Police Launch Raid

Early on Tuesday morning, TorrentFreak claimed that the servers of The Pirate Bay had been raided and shutdown in their native home of Sweden. Shortly after the site went dark, the Swedish authorities confirmed in a statement they had commenced an operation to cease all incoming and outgoing connections to the Pirate Bay in their Read More

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Best South Africa VPN

The South African government respects digital media freedom. Political criticism is tolerated, and bloggers and journalists are not detained or prosecuted for expressing their opinion online. However, two piece of legislation proposed in 2011 threatened Internet freedom to a great extent. The General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill proposes to legalize the monitoring of online communications. Read More


Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested in Thailand

Fresh off the heels of Gottfrid Svartholm’s sentencing in Copenhagen, his Pirate Bay co-founder Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij (aka TiAMO) was arrested by Interpol on the Laos/Thailand border. The arrest was made on Monday, according to The Guardian. Neij (36) had been on the run since 2009 after he and his cohorts were found guilty Read More


PIPCU Drop Charges Against UK Man For Streaming Piracy

A UK-based man held in custody for more than two weeks after police raided his illegal Premier League streaming HQ in Manchester has had all the charges against him dropped. PIPCU (The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) officers traveled 200 miles from their London office to carry out a raid (assisted by Greater Manchester Police) Read More

Tor – Is It Really That Safe And Should You Use It

Ever since Snowden revealed that the NSA spies on Internet users, everybody has become more concerned about their online privacy. That is good news for the developers of Tor because it has increased the popularity of this software suite that allows people to surf the Web anonymously. Tor is basically a network of computers and Read More

Snowden Reveals Mass Surveillance in New Zealand

According to Edward Snowden, New Zealand is under mass surveillance as the NSA whistleblower could easily access the details of several New Zealanders, including email, social media accounts, Internet searches, and text messages when he worked with the agency. Although the government declared publicly that they weren’t spying, the GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau), which Read More

Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

Comcast, the company whose name incites anger in many people in the US has seemingly begun banning customers using Tor, the encrypted browser. There have been reports that agents from Comcast have warned Tor users and asked them to stop using the browser or their services will be terminated. One customer posted on Reddit to Read More

Second NZ ISP Launches Global Mode Feature

Undeterred by the advertising bans that its fellow Internet provider has faced, New Zealand ISP Orcon has launched its own VPN-like service that will allow customers in the country to access services like Netflix. The ISP’s service is also called Global Mode, like Slingshot’s service, which has led to a number of New Zealand TV Read More


Google Receives 1 Million Takedown Requests a Day

Google’s has received a record setting number of DMCA link removal requests of late, hitting 7.3 million requests in one week, leaving the search giant to wade through roughly a million requests a day. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows copyright holders to file requests against companies like Google remove links to content that Read More


Godwin on the Right to be Forgotten

The debates surrounding the Right to be Forgotten rages on and more and more names enter the arena, now we see Mike Godwin, the lawyer and EFF rep that coined the term Godwin’s Law give his two cents. Godwin’s Law is the infamous rule that eventually every argument online will result in a Nazi comparison. Read More


UK Man Arrested for Using Proxy Server

A 20-year-old man in the UK has been arrested for using a proxy server to access piracy websites that had been blocked by a court. The arrest took place in Nottingham but was made public by the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). “The operation, supported by the Federation Against Copyright Theft Read More


Sky TV Bans Ads for VPN-like Services from Slingshot

Slingshot, the New Zealand ISP that recently began offering a VPN-like service built in, has found its ads turned away from Sky TV on “copyright grounds”. Early last month Slingshot began offering its newest service Global Mode in a bid to allow users to access content that is normally geo-restricted, a service generally offered by Read More

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The UK Decriminalises Online Piracy

Piracy in the UK has now been decriminalized with the introduction of a warning letter system for repeat offenders but no punishment. If caught, ISPs will send pirates up to four warning letters but after the fourth letter, no further action or punishment will be sought. Typically in these systems, the user faces a fine Read More

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