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Over $1 Billion Stolen with Carbanak Trojan

In what’s sure to take the cake as “largest heist in the history of modern commerce”, members of the research team at Kaspersky Lab have announced they had uncovered a massive operation undertaken by some of the world’s most sophisticated hacking rings, which netted everyone involved just over $1 billion by the time all was Read More

Synolocker Outbreak Sets Sights on Enterprise Ransom

Yesterday afternoon, network-attached storage manufacturer Synology confirmed that several models of their Diskstation line of products have fallen victim to a new form of ransomware, which they are somewhat uncreatively calling the “Synolocker” variant. Ransomware is an increasingly popular portion of the malware market these days, and it works by hardcoding all the data contained Read More


Brand New Pandemiya Trojan Discovered in the Wild

Security giant RSA have announced that they have discovered a brand new trojan, dubbed Pandemiya, for sale on the underground markets. Averaging around $1,500 to $2,000 per license (depending on the suite of features you choose), this India-based bug is actually relatively cheap in comparison to other popular solutions that have been available for a Read More

3G/4G Modems Unknowingly Expose Users Credentials

According to a report released today by security researcher Andreas Linh, many popular 3G and 4G USb modems used by telecoms such as AT&T and Verizon have been compromised to allow anyone with the keycode the opportunity to freely collect user credentials, passwords, and even the content of your computer’s hard drive all from over Read More

D-Link Routers Compromised: Universal Backdoor Discovered

Earlier this week, vulnerability researchers at Tactical Network Solutions announced in their blog that a major hole had been discovered in several models of D-link and Planex routers. The uses for custom router firmware have always been clear to tech enthusiasts and those concerned with their security, but given the revelations of the past week, Read More