Chief of NSA Michael Rogers Warns of Incoming Infrastructure Attack

This Thursday, newly-anointed head of the NSA Michael Rogers appeared before the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee to testify that China, and “probably one or two” other countries had the active capability to hack into, and disable critical pieces of energy and financial infrastructure within the United States. Of course, the whole thing seems Read More

Credit Unions Hit Hard By Home Depot Breach

The Home Depot breach has hit credit unions across the US hard, costing up to $60m, almost double that of the Target breach, according to new reports. Credit Union Times reports that that a survey conducted by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) throughout October found that 7.2m credit union cards were breached by the Read More

Politicians Pushing CISA Bill After JPMorgan Hack

JPMorgan Chase is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The bank suffered a major hack and revealed that 76 million household accounts were affected and a number of politicians are using the latest breach as a means to push forward new cyber crime laws. The hack included access to addresses, phone numbers, emails and Read More

NOAA Slow to Fix Weather Satellite Vulnerabilities

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is behind schedule in updating its newest satellite systems and, as a result, is facing serious security vulnerabilities. The Department of Commerce Assistant Inspector General issued an urgent report to NOAA Under Secretary Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan. The report refers to an audit on NOAA’s IT security Read More

Behind-the-Scenes Look at EFF’s Anti-NSA Protests

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the NSA’s harshest critics and has been following the construction of the NSA’s colossal data center in Bluffdale, Utah, which culminated in a protest co-organized with Greenpeace, where the duo flew a giant airship over the facility, bearing the slogan “Illegal Spying Below”. The June 27 stunt gathered Read More


Latest Snowden Reveal: NSA Targets Gaza, Feeds Israel Surveillance Info

With all the fighting in the Middle East over the past few weeks, one has to wonder if Snowden & Friends are simply waiting for the most opportune moment to drop a bomb, then letting documents fly without any concern for what’s left of the fallout. Either way, this week Glenn Greenwald used his new Read More

john brennan

The CIA Spying Spree, Chief Admits Employees Hacked Senate Computers

One of the most controversial debates in the recent times took an extraordinary turn when John Brennan, CIA director, offered an unconditional apology against charges of snooping on the US Senate staff. The apology came after a long spell of public denial by the agency. The computer network used by the committee staff was constantly Read More

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