The European Commission Wants to Do Away With Geo Blocks

The European Commission is considering a formal competition inquiry into geo-blocking in Europe that would make services like Netflix accessible regardless of country. Margrethe Vestager, European Competition Commissioner, said that it was not acceptable that European customers cannot access the content they are already paying for when they visit other countries. This goes against the Read More

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NSA’s ‘Core Secrets’ Programs Put Plants in Top Tech Firms

This weekend, a new set of NSA documents were released by Glenn Greenwald’s new online publication platform The Intercept, detailing a secret set of programs that involve everything from agents being hired to work at foreign telecoms, to cozy relationships between the agency and phone manufacturers that allow them to break the encryption of any Read More

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Private WiFi’s Kent Lawson on VPNs, Public Wi-Fi & Safe Browsing

We all do it, but only 0.05 percent of us ever make an effort to actually protect ourselves before we hit the login screen. Whether you’re sitting down with a latte at the local Starbucks, signing in while chomping down on a hamburger at McDonald’s, or just using the hotspot that was recently installed on Read More

Sophos Launches Cyber Security Contest

A recent competition organized by the major Oxford based security firm, Sophos, gave the UK public a chance to step into the shoes of cyber detectives. Affiliated with ‘Cyber Security Challenge UK’, the event is a part of the competition series organized to discover the most promising cyber security talent in the country by simulating Read More

BugCrowd Releases Guidelines for Effective Bug Bounty Programs

This Friday, BugCrowd published a set of guidelines they believe will be the most effective way to attract skilled engineers and programmers to the world of whitehat Internet activism, wherein everyday hackers can utilize their deep toolbox of skills to assist companies in discovering zero-days and the process of patching them, rather than exploit the Read More

Phone Unlocking Bill Passes House, Lands on Obama’s Desk

This week, the House of Representatives woke up from its summer recess to pass a new bill which would turn over the DMCA law that prevents the average consumer from unlocking their cell phone without facing a hefty set of fines, and possibly permanent backlash from their providers over the nature of what “ownership” really Read More


EFF Challenges Authors Guild Appeal in Fair Use Case

Back in April, the Author’s Guild moved to appeal a November ruling which determined Google Books is not in violation of fair use. It submitted its claim to the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals in objection to the ruling of Judge Denny Chin. Most recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation joined Public Knowledge and the Read More

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