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How to stay safe in an internet-connected car

Imagine driving in an internet-connected car whilst a hacker takes over control of it. Not a pleasant thought. While a hacked internet-connected refrigerator might render sour milk, cars represent a serious threat to your health. Recently, a group of young, Chinese hackers showed a proof-of-concept how they took remotely control of a Tesla on a […]


Netflix in 2016: Original Shows & More Locations

Netflix has announced that it is slated to release 31 original shows in 2016 – that’s double the number of original programming it released for 2015. The popular streaming platform promises to release more shows like comedies and drama anthologies in 2016. Netflix will also be adding 10 more feature films, 10 stand-up specials, 12 […]

China Continues Its Crackdown on VPN Providers

Following concerns in late August over VPN blockages in China, a VPN service provider is reporting “increased censorship” in the country. Astrill VPN has sent out a new message to users explaining that is experiencing further issues with the Great Firewall, China’s Internet censorship regime, blocking its numerous VPN protocols. Intensified blocks were placed on […]

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VPN Unlimited Updates Apps with New UI and OpenSSL

VPN Unlimited has announced a series of updates to its VPN service including a new user interface and the addition of OpenSSL to every platform. The service’s Windows client has been updated with a re-design, access to torrents, and support for nine more languages. VPN Unlimited’s iOS client now also supports the OpenSSL protocol for […]

Stay Secure & Private Online with PureVPN

Only a few years ago, the average user did not pay much attention to their online security. Phenomenons like browser cookies tracking user’s whereabouts or social media websites scooping up trove of personal data for targeted ads did not get much attention. Never mind worrying about mass Internet surveillance. But since the Edward Snowden leaks […]

Hola Unblocker is the Free VPN You Wish You Had Never Installed

Hola (http://hola.org) is an extremely popular free VPN provider. Not least because of the price. According to their website, over 47 million people use Hola. Many of the user are using Hola for unblocking geographically restricted content such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer to name a few. If you are a user, we strongly recommend […]

‘Unauthorized Access’ on Twitch, User Passwords Reset

Game streaming site Twitch has reset all user passwords following news that there “may have been unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information.” “For your protection, we have expired passwords and stream keys and have disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube,” said the company in a blog post this evening. “As a result, you […]

IPVanish Network Reaches 25K IP Addresses

IPVanish has announced that its VPN network has now grown to over 25,000 anonymous IP addresses globally, doubling its previous count of 14,000 IPs. The VPN provider’s network now stands at 165 servers in 60 countries. “IPVanish consistently tests as the fastest and most reliable service globally while maintaining industry-best security and privacy protection standards,” […]

Premera Hackers Make Off With Massive Medical Haul

This week, a representative for the healthcare insurance provider Premera revealed that the core servers of their customer database had been breached, unearthing the details of millions of medical records and putting the majority of their userbase at risk for possible identity theft or worse. The heist, which yielded its perpetrators a mind-numbing 11 million […]


Netflix CEO Not Worried About VPN Users in Australia

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he is not concerned about the about the number of VPN users in Australia accessing the US catalog and is confident that users will switch to the Aussie version when it launches next week. “People use VPN because they want the content,” Hastings told Australia’s Financial Review. “They’re paying for […]


Exclusive Interview With HideMyAss COO Danvers Baillieu: On Logging, Privacy & Security

HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market with a wide reaching network of servers globally. Like most VPN companies, it has a strong stance on privacy so we spoke with the company’s COO Danvers Baillieu to find out more about HideMyAss’ logging policies, protecting its servers and how it reacts to […]

Wikipedia Sets Up to Sue NSA

This week, the joint organization of Wikipedia and their subsidiary Wikimedia announced they would be launching an official lawsuit against the National Security Agency in a United States court of law. The lawsuit will seek to challenge the basic constitutionality of the NSA’s actions, focusing specifically on their mass surveillance efforts through programs such as […]


uTorrent Users Discover ‘Epic Scale’ Mining Op on PCs

Users of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent recently discovered that the program had been installing software on their machines that utilized any idle CPU power on their computers to mine for Litecoin. As of late, uTorrent has been struggling to keep up with the immense demand for its free product. Despite its immense popularity and […]

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A Warrant Canary Gives VPNs a Legal Loophole with Warrants

Recently BolehVPN announced that it would be joining a growing list of VPN providers that publish a warrant canary, an official statement signed by the company that states it has not received any warrant or demands from authorities yet. Many VPN providers highlight their “no log policy”, meaning that it does not log or store […]