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VPNs Say Netflix Working Fine Now, Exec Calls Claims ‘False’

Tech bloggers and VPN services were abuzz earlier this week when reports surfaced that Netflix was taking new measures against geo blocking circumvention measures. Netflix has since denied these reports but a couple of VPN providers we spoke with tell us that they’ll be keeping a close eye on things. VPN provider TorGuard was one […]

Major Game Publishers Hacked by DerpTrolling

On Friday, a hacking group calling themselves “DerpTrolling” posted on their Twitter that they had been the culprits behind many of the year’s biggest gaming-related server hacks, including PlayStation Network, Windows Live, and Blizzard Entertainment. To prove it, Derp posted a glut of username/password combinations on Pastebin, many of which were stolen from another game […]


The Hacker Psyche: Decrypting the Mystery

Government and private organizations are waking up to the gravity of cyber threats and expanding their security budgets. It’s becoming clear that to stay safe from malicious threats and hackers, it is important to understand how and why such attacks are planned. In the most cyber attack incidents, hackers show a fearless attitude and an […]

Wall Street Journal & Vice Hit By Russian Hacker W0rm

The Wall Street Journal and Vice.com appear to have been made vulnerable by Russian hacker(s) W0rm, the same culprit behind the recent CNET attack. Both Vice and WSJ have confirmed that some sort of breach occurred this week on their respective systems. The Wall Street Journal’s graphics systems were hacked, which the media outlet confirmed […]

Snowden Speaks in SXSW Teleconference

At this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas, Edward Snowden took to the monitors of a packed auditorium for an interview that was streamed live from an undisclosed location somewhere in Russia. Snowden’s appearance apparently packed the halls of the theater designated to hold attendees for his conference, along with two other overflow […]