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How to Avoid Hackers Stealing Your Information on Public Wi-Fi

In our story yesterday on how to get a free VPN trial, we briefly talked about the importance of encrypting your data whilst using public Wi-Fi. In this post, we’ll dig a little deeper into the subject and explain the different methods hackers are using to gain illegal access to your personal computer and how Read More


Employees Are Using BYOD Devices For Non-Work Purposes

Many companies have continued to integrate BYOD into the workplace to save money and make the staff happy and productive at the same time, but it turns out employees aren’t using these devices only for work-related purposes. A new study conducted by GFI Software and Opinion Matters revealed that during work hours, 36 percent of Read More


NotCompatible Malware Next Big Threat for Enterprise

According to a new report released by the mobile software developer Lookout Security, the NotCompatible malware could be the next big threat for enterprise providers in 2015. Though the original build is going on several years old now, the freshest entry, known as NotCompatible.C, has evolved into a beast of infectious proportions that mimics some Read More

Proofpoint Acquires Social Media Security Start-Up Nexgate

Enterprise security company Proofpoint has announced the acquisition of Nexgate, a social media security start-up, for $35m. Nexgate, whose backers included Sierra Ventures, provides security tools for organizations for their social media accounts. Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint, said companies need to protect their social media accounts more than ever before. “With the acquisition of Read More

Dropbox Users Face Phishing Attacks Following Leak

Seven million Dropbox users recently lost their login and password credentials due to a major leak and users of the cloud storage service have now become victims of a major phishing attack. The attack, spread by thousands of spam emails, invited users to download a recently sent file by clicking on the link provided in Read More

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Imperva WAAR Report Shows Increase in Attacks on Amazon Web Services

There is an alarming increase in the number of hacking attempts launched from Amazon’s cloud based servers, as shown by the WAAR report by Imperva. Cloud systems are quite popular with cyber criminals because they have several flaws that a smart hacker can easily exploit. Also, in spite of their huge popularity, cloud-based storage systems Read More

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