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The Pirate Bay Taken Down After Swedish Police Launch Raid

Early on Tuesday morning, TorrentFreak claimed that the servers of The Pirate Bay had been raided and shutdown in their native home of Sweden. Shortly after the site went dark, the Swedish authorities confirmed in a statement they had commenced an operation to cease all incoming and outgoing connections to the Pirate Bay in their […]


Following Sony Hack, FBI Warns Over Dangerous New Malware

The FBI has warned US businesses that hackers have used a malicious software program to launch a highly destructive cyber attack in the country. The warning was issued in the wake of the massive breach at Sony Corp’s California unit and more attacks may be on the horizon. Cybersecurity experts said that the software mentioned […]


Employees Are Using BYOD Devices For Non-Work Purposes

Many companies have continued to integrate BYOD into the workplace to save money and make the staff happy and productive at the same time, but it turns out employees aren’t using these devices only for work-related purposes. A new study conducted by GFI Software and Opinion Matters revealed that during work hours, 36 percent of […]


NotCompatible Malware Next Big Threat for Enterprise

According to a new report released by the mobile software developer Lookout Security, the NotCompatible malware could be the next big threat for enterprise providers in 2015. Though the original build is going on several years old now, the freshest entry, known as NotCompatible.C, has evolved into a beast of infectious proportions that mimics some […]

Proofpoint Acquires Social Media Security Start-Up Nexgate

Enterprise security company Proofpoint has announced the acquisition of Nexgate, a social media security start-up, for $35m. Nexgate, whose backers included Sierra Ventures, provides security tools for organizations for their social media accounts. Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint, said companies need to protect their social media accounts more than ever before. “With the acquisition of […]

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Imperva WAAR Report Shows Increase in Attacks on Amazon Web Services

There is an alarming increase in the number of hacking attempts launched from Amazon’s cloud based servers, as shown by the WAAR report by Imperva. Cloud systems are quite popular with cyber criminals because they have several flaws that a smart hacker can easily exploit. Also, in spite of their huge popularity, cloud-based storage systems […]


Apple Now the World’s Most Frequently Phished Brand

Apple is already recognized as the world’s second-most valuable brand. So it may not come as a surprise that Apple is the most popular brand in the world when it comes to phishing. Anti-Phishing Working Group released its latest (H1-2014) Global Phishing Survey, which analyzed 756 brands in phishing campaigns during the first half of […]

Security Sacrificed for Productivity in BYOD

With the BYOD trend becoming an integral part of the corporate landscape, the security practices and budgets geared towards protecting organizations from cyber threats are not keeping up with the number of devices that employees are bringing in. A new survey issued by Raytheon Company reveals that 52 percent of employees and organizations frequently forgo […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Laptop Safe While Traveling

Does your laptop come with you when you go on a vacation? Of course it does, it’s the entertainment source, multimedia center, and the office umbilical cord – because no matter where we go, we can’t escape work; and with a laptop comes laptop responsibility. Many people assume that their laptop will be safe if […]

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Rogue Cell Towers Could Disable Your Phone’s Encryption, Inject Malware

Rogue cell towers spread across the US could be listening to your communications (calls, text messages, etc.), according to an investigation carried out by a security-conscious firm. ESD America is the firm behind the discovery. The company’s CryptoPhone 500, a modified version of Galaxy S3 featuring end-to-end encryption for protecting the baseband and the custom […]


Backing Up Torrent Files Could Terminate Your Account

Zoolz, the online storage and cloud service company, has recently terminated a customer’s account for storing .torrent files on his system. The company offers services for home and business users and promises a ‘zero knowledge’ policy. However, the termination is seen by many as a hypocritical move. Owned and run by Genie9, Zoolz was created […]

Investigation Reveals Breach in US Nuclear Agency

On Monday, August 18, NextGov revealed the results of an internal investigation into the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). According to the investigation, the NRC has been attacked with malware and spearphishing (phishing directed at a specific target) campaigns multiple times over the past three years. The Inspector General Cyber Crime Unit determined that all attacks […]


Cloud Services Struggle to Comply with EU Privacy Laws

A California-based security company has revealed that 99 percent of cloud services currently operating in the European Union are not yet compliant with data laws that the EU is set to implement in the coming year. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation was first introduced as a draft in 2012 as a replacement for the […]