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Study Claims 81% of Tor Users Can Be Identified

New research that began in 2008 suggests that over 81 percent of Tor users can be identified through Netflow technology used by Cisco in its router protocol suite, along with similar traffic analysis tools that are present in the device hardware of other router manufacturers. Professor Sambuddho Chakravarty, the leader of a research group in […]

BlackEnergy Malware Inside Critical US Infrastructure Since 2011

This week, researchers at Kaspersky Labs released their latest report on the infamous BlackEnergy malware, claiming that Russian hackers have been using the program to infiltrate vital pieces of the US energy infrastructure including power plants, hydroelectric dams, and manufacturers of equipment destined for nuclear-powered facilities. The bug, which targets both Windows and Linux-based machines, […]

T-Mobile Installs Anti-Eavesdropping Tech on US Network

For the past several months, T-Mobile has been quietly toughening up security on its mobile networks to prevent local and federal law enforcement agencies from eavesdropping without proper clearance. According to a report from the Washington Post earlier this week, the carrier (which just posted record growth in their Q3 financials) has been working diligently […]


Someone Might Be Spying On Your WebEx Meetings

Cisco has sent a warning to its customers to protect their WebEx meetings after Brian Krebs from KrebsOnSecurity found that almost 50 big players left their online meetings vulnerable and open for all. Krebs said that he found several organizations did not password protect their WebEx meetings, thus allowing anyone to join and get information […]

iGuardian Aims to Secure the “Internet of Things”

A new security project exhibited at DEF CON hacking conference on Thursday, August 7 seeks to standardize household security with the increase of commercial smart devices (often referred to as the “Internet of Things”). Itus Networks was founded by Jock Breitwieser and Daniel Ayoub, both formerly of Dell SonicWALL. Itus Networks launched their Kickstarter campaign […]


New Internet of Things Lightbulb Cracked in Latest Attack

According to a blog post published by Context Security over the weekend, the LIFX smartphone-controlled lightbulb contains a system-breaking vulnerability, one which enables an attacker to freely roam the Wi-Fi network they’re connected to, as well as track any mobile devices which may have been used as a control center while the exploit was active. […]


Microsoft Encrypts OneDrive, Outlook to Thwart NSA

In a move that should be expected of all top-tier technology companies these days, Microsoft has announced that its OneDrive and Outlook.com cloud services will automatically encrypt users data from here on out. In a blog post, VP of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group Matt Thomlinson said the company has been working tirelessly to get the […]


Apple & Cisco Back Microsoft in International Warrant Appeal

A number of weeks ago, the US government served a warrant to Microsoft which would allow federal agents to rifle through data contained inside offshore data centers. Completely overstepping the bounds of international information privacy treaties, the ruling was handed down by the US District Court, who claimed that because Microsoft was an American company, […]


CryptoWall Claims Computers of Local New Hampshire Government

In our continuing coverage of the “Locker”-style malware epidemic that has only recently started to make its way to the States, we’ve found all types of people and organizations that have fallen prey to the tactics malware distributors depend on to convince innocent officials to accidentally download the wrong files. Now that most of the […]

Cisco Acquires Malware Analysis Firm

Cisco has acquired malware analysis firm ThreatGRID, making the announcement at this week’s Cisco Live event in San Francisco, though no financial terms were disclosed. ThreatGRID, a New York company, provides malware analysis and threat intelligence technology both on-premise and in the cloud. Cisco says the acquisition will strengthen its security strategy for the future, […]

Flash and Java Exploits Take Backseat to Rise in Silverlight Hacks

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, a blog posted by the technical lead of Cisco’s threat research group Levi Gundert on Monday has suggested that the number of attacks and hacks targeted at Microsoft’s personalized web video player platform Silverlight has skyrocketed in recent months, nearly eclipsing the efforts launched against more common targets […]


New Snowden Leak: NSA Backdoors All US Made Routers

In the latest turn of events, fresh documents from Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald reveal that the NSA has secretly been placing easily accessible backdoors into the routers manufactured and distributed by companies like Linksys, Cisco, and Netgear before they are shipped overseas. According to an excerpt from Greenwald’s new book “No Place to Hide”, […]


Heartbleed Is Breaching Your VPN – Here’s How to Protect Yourself

By now, most high ranked websites have fixed themselves if they were vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. In fact, all of the top 1,000 websites worldwide have already patched the issue. Based on Alexa rankings, only about 20,000 in the top million visited websites are still vulnerable to Heartbleed. So it’s safe to say that […]

Meet the Linux Foundation’s “Core Infrastructure Initiative” Project

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization that is set up to help with the growth and expansion of Linux. To date, it has taken on many large corporations as members. The foundation receives over $6 million a year in donations as of this month. The majority of this comes from the eight platinum members, […]