tor stinks

Tor May Not ‘Stink’ as Much as We Thought

According to newly released documents from the Snowden archive published by Der Spiegel Monday morning, it turns out the anonymization mesh network Tor may not be as hard to crack as we were originally led to believe. You’ll remember that back in July of this year, we went into detail about a PowerPoint presentation lifted […]

Baltimore Detective Declines to Reveal Phone Tracking Methods

This week a Baltimore city police detective declined to tell a defense attorney how the police tracked a defendant in a Baltimore Circuit Court robbery trial. A local judge threatened to hold the detective in contempt of court for declining to reveal the methods used to locate the robbery suspect’s phone. Instead, the detective decided […]

Controversial Anonabox Tor Router Returns

Anonabox, the controversial project that raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter, has made a return – this time on Indiegogo. The project was suspended from Kickstarter in the midst of the questions regarding the originality of the device. The Anonabox project was removed from Kickstarter after industry experts found that the device was not custom made […]


UK Police Exploits Loopholes in Law to Hack Mobile Phones

Police forces in the UK are accessing people’s mobile call records without their knowledge or consent, The Times has reported. Police are exploiting loopholes in Britain’s surveillance laws to access people’s texts, voicemails, and emails. The report claims that British police can access communication information stored on a mobile device without a warrant, instead only […]

Anonabox Kickstarter Campaign Faces Severe ‘Scam’ Allegations

Anonabox made headlines when its Kickstarter campaign raised over half a million dollars in just three days but just as quickly as the tiny Tor router made news it’s facing some backlash with some Redditers claim that the same hardware is available for purchase in China. Ever since they launched the crowdfunding campaign, there has […]

EFF & ACLU Join Woman’s Case Against NSA

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) are officially joining an Idaho’s woman initiative against the National Security Agency (NSA) over the collection of cellphone data. The NSA was sued by Anna Smith of Coeur d’Alene last year, who contended that the agency was collecting data that amounted to illegal seizure […]


The Space Industry Faces New CyberSpace Risks

While awareness about cyber threats has increased in recent years, the occurrence of cyber attacks to satellites tend to be either downplayed, unmonitored, or reported as common incidents. The rapid growth in satellite applications is creating new threat vectors for the space industry. As a large number of interconnected services start relying extensively on space […]


EFF Challenges Authors Guild Appeal in Fair Use Case

Back in April, the Author’s Guild moved to appeal a November ruling which determined Google Books is not in violation of fair use. It submitted its claim to the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals in objection to the ruling of Judge Denny Chin. Most recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation joined Public Knowledge and the […]

Cell Phone Tracking Without Warrant Illegal, Rules Court

This week, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that any data the government wants to gather off a cellphone must first be approved in full by a warrant before any officer of the law gets the opportunity to track valuable information. In a landmark decision this Wednesday in Miami, Judge […]

New Snowden Leaks Reveal Cable Tapping Details

This week the British publication The Register released a report that details the extensive lengths that the GCHQ has gone to in order to maintain complete control over the fiber optic backbones which make international communications possible. Much of the data about these efforts has been available since the leaks first dropped back in June, […]

Cupid Pumps New Life into Heart of Heartbleed

Researchers from the security firm Sysvalue have demonstrated a slew of ways that Heartbleed can still be utilized to sneak into your iOS and Android devices, as well as standard desktops that have yet to be fully updated with the appropriate certificates designed to ward off these types of attacks. A custom-built malware called “Cupid” […]


Microsoft Claims Massive Rise of Malware in 2013

According to a new report from Microsoft, downloaded malware has more than tripled in only the second half of last year. In the latest iteration of the annual Security Intelligence Report, Microsoft claims that the number of people accidentally downloading packages and software secretly infected with malware has drastically shot up as of the last […]

Google Breaks Silence Over Government Requests

And it turns out, it’s much, much worse than we thought. After spending months in court and throwing the entire might of their massive legal team behind themselves, Google has finally appealed to a circuit court and successfully removed the gag order placed on them back in June. The US government was adamant in attempting […]