Massive WebRTC Flaw Hits VPN Services

If you use any of the major VPN services out there, your IP address information could have been put at risk due to a new flaw that’s been discovered in the WebRTC communication protocol. The problem appears when protected information is passed through popular browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. Thankfully, it’s because the flaw Read More


China Could Be Spying on Apple iCloud Users

Apple’s iPhone 6 went on sale in China last week and CEO Tim Cook seemed very happy to have received an opportunity to expand in the Chinese market but it looks like the government of China already has some other plans for iPhone users. Greatfire, an Internet censorship monitoring group, says that Chinese state hackers Read More

How to Bolster Your Privacy Settings in Your Browser

Your browser is one of the first icons you open when you turn on your computer but which is most secure? The question is equally simple and complicated. In a poll held from late last year, Internet users voted for Firefox as the safest browser, but in 2014’s Pwn2own hacking contest held in March, Mozilla Read More

Visitors To High-Profile Websites Affected By Malvertising

A week ago, some visitors to high-profile websites were redirected to browser exploits that installed malware on their PCs, courtesy of the malware advertisements on those websites. The malicious advertisements were discovered between August 19 and August 22, and users didn’t have to click these advertisements to be infected. Researchers from Dutch security firm Fox-IT Read More

Who Are Data Brokers And Why Are They After You?

Last month, 30 companies including Adobe, AOL, and Salesforce were charged for violating the EU data transfer agreement. These companies had data brokers who sold detailed user profiles to third parties. A data broker is essentially a consumer data company that sells your information to advertisers or other parties for financial gains. Brokers get hold Read More

New Facebook Scam Fools Users Into Hacking Their Own Accounts

A new Facebook scam promising users the ability to hack anyone’s account is only a guide towards hacking your own account. The scam lures users by providing a guaranteed access to anyone’s account in three easy steps. But following the steps make users hack their own page, via a method termed as Self-XXS, which makes Read More

US Court Opens Gmail to Search Warrants

A court in New York recently handed down a ruling that allowed authorities full unrestricted access to a Gmail account with a warrant. This ruling sets a precedent to treat email accounts as hard drives, providing law enforcement with the authority to seize all communications (including saved drafts) and contacts in order to determine what Read More


Microsoft’s Emergency Update Revokes Fraudulent Certificates

Microsoft has recently noticed some fake digital certificates that impersonated Google and Yahoo; and there might be some hidden bogus certificates still floating around, waiting to be discovered. To keep things safe, the tech giant has issued an urgent update for many versions of Windows. In the new update, Microsoft has eliminated trust for the Read More


Adobe Flash Player Patches Bugs With New Update

Adobe has issued a new update across all versions of Flash Player, patching six vulnerabilities. If you’re running version or lower on Windows or Mac OS X or and lower on Linux, it’s strongly advised that you update your player now as you are vulnerable to these bugs. The update features the usual Read More

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