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China Allegedly Cracking Down on VPN Services

A number of VPN providers are claiming that their services are being disrupted in China as part of a supposed crackdown, according to new media reports. People’s Daily, a newspaper published by the government, stated on Friday morning that the moves to block VPNs were done “for safety” with Chinese cybersecurity analysts defending the move.


Civil Society Organizations Face the Threat of Cyber Attack Too

The computer espionage attacks that hit many governments and industries also target organizations working to protect civil liberties and human rights around the world, according to a new report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. However, unlike government and industrial organizations, civil society groups do not have enough resources to handle this problem alone. Read More


Postal Service Staff Database Hacked

This Monday, the US Postal Service admitted that it has called in the assistance of the FBI after discovering that its staff database had been compromised and the names, home addresses, and social security numbers of their employees had been swiped in the process. “The Postal Service has recently learned of a cyber security intrusion Read More


China Could Be Spying on Apple iCloud Users

Apple’s iPhone 6 went on sale in China last week and CEO Tim Cook seemed very happy to have received an opportunity to expand in the Chinese market but it looks like the government of China already has some other plans for iPhone users. Greatfire, an Internet censorship monitoring group, says that Chinese state hackers Read More

james comey

China Criticizes US Remarks on Hackers

China has criticized the US for the “fabrication of facts” in claims that Chinese hackers cost the US billions of dollars every year. FBI James Comey made the remarks last Sunday where he stated that Chinese hackers were targeting American firms and costing the US economy billions as a result. “I liken them a bit Read More

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Hong Kong Protesters Targeted with iOS Spyware, Chat Hacks

As the situation in Hong Kong continues to flare, demonstrators are turning to alternative modes of communication in order to transmit their message, demands, and daily operations to the outside world. The Chinese government has responded on the digital battleground in much the same way they have in the real-world: with overwhelming force, dirty tactics, Read More


US Senate: China Hacked Pentagon Contractors

The US Senate, this week, published a report that confirms Chinese military personnel hacked and stole data from Pentagon contractors in the aviation, transportation, and shipping industries. The Senate Armed Services Committee identified about 20 break-ins during its year-long investigation; however the committee would not specify which contractors have been targeted. Nine of the 20 Read More

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