Why You Should Use A VPN in 2018

As part of a sweeping crackdown on dissents and maintaining the Communist party’s grip on power, China will keep blocking access to much of global internet starting February 2018. The China government ordered the three major telecommunications companies to block access to VPNs by February 2018, according to a report by Bloomberg News. The three Read More

Netflix in Indonesia May be Banned or Censored Soon

Just a few days after launching in the country, Indonesia is possibly making moves to ban Netflix. Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF), or Indonesian Censorship Agency, has expressed its concern over the streaming giant’s catalog of films. According to the agency’s chairman, Ahmad Yani Basuki, it has banned a number of films from showing in cinemas Read More

Torrent Sites are Reportedly Banning VPNs

A number of torrent sites have moved to ban IP addresses, which they believe to be from VPNs, from accessing their sites. Torrent Freak reports that a couple of unnamed torrent sites have opted for banning VPNs after discovering that anti-piracy bodies have used such services to hunt down infringing content and issue DMCA notices. Read More

Internet Safety Tools Like VPN are Under Threat

While we, in general, live in an increasingly safer, richer world, it often feels like development in regards to civil rights and democracy is taking one step forward and two steps backward. What I’m referring to in particular is Internet freedom and online security. Over the past 25 years the development of the World Wide Read More

China Continues Its Crackdown on VPN Providers

Following concerns in late August over VPN blockages in China, a VPN service provider is reporting “increased censorship” in the country. Astrill VPN has sent out a new message to users explaining that is experiencing further issues with the Great Firewall, China’s Internet censorship regime, blocking its numerous VPN protocols. Intensified blocks were placed on Read More


Astrill VPN Blocked in China Ahead of WW2 Event

VPN services in China are being disrupted ahead of a ceremony in Beijing next week to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Astrill VPN, which is based in the Seychelles, has informed users that they should expect outages with the service between now and September 3rd, reports the South Read More


China Cyber Criminals Accused of Exploiting Commercial VPN

Chinese cyber criminals have been hijacking a commercial VPN to carry out Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, according to a new report this week from security firm RSA. RSA Research claims that a Chinese VPN provider has been infiltrated by APT actors who are using its infrastructure to carry out its operations and cover its Read More


4 Benefits of Using a VPN Service While Traveling Abroad

This is a guest post from SwitchVPN Staying connected to the world while you’re away on business is an important way to keep everything running smoothly at the office, as well as help keep you sane during those extended periods abroad. Besides a great Wi-Fi connection, there are plenty of tools at the traveling businessperson’s Read More

Russia is Attempting to Block VPNs and Tor

Russia is reportedly working on means to block or circumvent access to virtual private networks (VPN) and the Tor network. Russian MP Leonid Levin, who is deputy chair of the Russian State Duma Committee on Information Policy and Communication, first tabled the ideas earlier in February at the Inform 24 conference in Moscow, according to Read More

VPN Services Remain Curtailed in China

Over the last week or so, a number of VPN providers have reported issues with their services in China following reports that the government had updated its firewall to block such software. Astrill VPN, Vypr VPN, and Strong VPN all reported issues, with the president of Golden Frog (the company that operates Vypr) Sunday Yokubaitis Read More


France & the EU Mull Over New Online Censorship Rules

France is proposing new legislation that will make social media sites like Facebook and Twitter partially responsible for terrorist content posted on their sites. President Francois Hollande said the new draft law, set to be presented next month, will make social media sites “accomplices” if they do not block terrorism-related content from their sites. Bloomberg Read More

China Allegedly Cracking Down on VPN Services

A number of VPN providers are claiming that their services are being disrupted in China as part of a supposed crackdown, according to new media reports. People’s Daily, a newspaper published by the government, stated on Friday morning that the moves to block VPNs were done “for safety” with Chinese cybersecurity analysts defending the move. Read More

charlie hebdo

Charlie Hebdo Attacks Raises Internet Surveillance Concerns

Following last week’s terrorists in Paris and yesterday’s solidarity march, several EU ministers have proposed new Internet censorship and surveillance tactics. The statement issued on Sunday said the world’s leaders must fight radicalism “notably on the Internet”. The statement goes on to say: “and on the strengthening of resources to thwart the action of the Read More


MPAA May Try to Stop Data ‘At the Border’

The MPAA is attempting to apply a new tactic in tackling piracy, the International Trade Commission (ICT), which would allow data to be stopped ‘at the border’. According to a leaked document and two public filings (1)(2), the movie industry is trying to have digital transmissions regulated much like imported goods and apply this law Read More

Best Hong Kong VPN

Hong Kong has been in the headlines in 2014 due to the pro-democracy protesters taking to the streets to voice their desire for a democratic reform. Unfortunately, the loud protest and hunger strikes seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The government’s stand and refusal to negotiate to the protesters’ demand for open elections has Read More


Best Vietnam VPN

According to the OpenNet Initiative, Internet censorship in Vietnam is classified as pervasive in the areas of politics, social and national security. On the other hand, Reporters without Borders considers Vietnam as an “internet enemy”. Content like political criticisms, both from local and overseas, is blocked in Vietnam. Blocked content is usually written in the Read More

Best VPN for Online Privacy 2014

When the Internet was in its nascent stage, user privacy was not a big issue. Privacy in those days meant being online when there was nobody else in the room. However, now the situation is entirely different, with most websites using cookies to collect personally identifiable information from you. While they claim that this will Read More

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