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Exclusive Interview With HideMyAss COO Danvers Baillieu: On Logging, Privacy & Security

HideMyAss is one of the biggest VPN providers on the market with a wide reaching network of servers globally. Like most VPN companies, it has a strong stance on privacy so we spoke with the company’s COO Danvers Baillieu to find out more about HideMyAss’ logging policies, protecting its servers and how it reacts to […]

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A Warrant Canary Gives VPNs a Legal Loophole with Warrants

Recently BolehVPN announced that it would be joining a growing list of VPN providers that publish a warrant canary, an official statement signed by the company that states it has not received any warrant or demands from authorities yet. Many VPN providers highlight their “no log policy”, meaning that it does not log or store […]

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BolehVPN Implements New Warrant Canary System

BolehVPN has introduced a warrant canary system to post monthly messages that are cryptographically signed, stating that the company has not received any warrants from authorities. BolehVPN says it is bringing in the warrant canary on foot of recent comments from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that recommend it. “Legally speaking, we aren’t too sure […]

LiquidVPN Makes Changes to Transparency Policy

Last week the popular US-based VPN service LiquidVPN posted a press release on their website, informing customers they would be making a number of changes to their transparency reports, ethics and will be publishing a warrant canary. This followed an incident where a DDOS attack occurred at a datacenter network that the company has assets […]

Canary to Feature Automatic Malware Scanner on Download

Thursday, Google announced a new addition to their Canary build of the Chrome browser: an experimental malware sniffer designed to destroy any unverified downloads that try to open themselves on your computer. This means the browser will now act as its own personal anti-virus, scanning executable files before they get a chance to save themselves […]