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AT&T Discovers Employee Sifting Through User Data

AT&T has released a statement to inform its customers that a rogue member of their staff was caught sifting through the database that contained the master file for all customer data, including drivers license numbers, email accounts, and even their social security information. Photo: Chris Potter / Flickr[/caption] The heist itself took place back in Read More

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Hong Kong Protesters Targeted with iOS Spyware, Chat Hacks

As the situation in Hong Kong continues to flare, demonstrators are turning to alternative modes of communication in order to transmit their message, demands, and daily operations to the outside world. The Chinese government has responded on the digital battleground in much the same way they have in the real-world: with overwhelming force, dirty tactics, Read More

Surveillance at the Local Level: the Militarization of America’s Police State

“We believe in transparency here, you have a right to know what the police are up to in your country.” – Camden Police Chief Scott Tomson On VICE News, Vikram Gandhi went to Camden, New Jersey to preview the latest technologies and strategies that are being employed to help local law enforcement in the long Read More

French Telecom Orange Implicated in Snowden Leaks

New documents released by Edward Snowden have revealed that the popular European telecom Orange has been sharing private user data and information with the French government, in an attempt to catch any terrorists who might have made a call or sent a text over their networks. In collaboration with the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Read More