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How to Watch Super Bowl 50 Online

This article will show you how to watch Super Bowl online. The most anticipated football game of the year is almost upon us. The Panthers vs Broncos are set to brawl it all out on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California for this year’s Super Bowl 50 extravaganza. Here’s […]

HideMyAss! VPN Network Expands to 6 New Locations

When it comes to network expansion, HideMyAss! (HMA) certainly does not stand back. This month, HMA has added even more servers in Greece and France. The HMA VPN network now composes of 779 servers strategically located in 151 countries with over 103,000 IP available. This comes immediately after 15 other new servers were added since […]


Obama Proposes Cyber Crime Law, US Military Twitter Hacked

US President Barack Obama has called for new rules to be put in place that compel companies to disclose the details of a data breach within 30 days. However his announcement was followed by an embarrassing moment when the social media accounts for the military’s Central Command was hacked. The proposed Personal Data Notification and […]

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San Diego Police Faces Lawsuit Over Tracking Phones

A civil rights group has sued the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) over the use of stingrays, the controversial cellphone data tracking technology. The SDPD uses the stingray surveillance devices to collect a large amount of phone data to find a target. The First Amendment Coalition group is demanding that the information regarding the tracking […]

OpenVPN Fixes Major DoS Vulnerability

OpenVPN has fixed a major denial of service (DoS) vulnerability that allows authenticated clients to attack its servers. Researcher Dragana Damjanovic was the first to discover this vulnerability, which has been labeled as CVE-2014-8104. Using this flaw, any TLS-authenticated client can easily crash OpenVPN servers, with this vulnerability present in their software program since 2005. […]


Following Sony Hack, FBI Warns Over Dangerous New Malware

The FBI has warned US businesses that hackers have used a malicious software program to launch a highly destructive cyber attack in the country. The warning was issued in the wake of the massive breach at Sony Corp’s California unit and more attacks may be on the horizon. Cybersecurity experts said that the software mentioned […]

Cylance Reveals Global Iranian Hacking Campaign – Operation Cleaver

This morning, the global cybersecurity firm Cylance released an in-depth 85-page report on a massive cyberespionage and hacking campaign launched from Tehran, Iran, which they have dubbed “Operation Cleaver“. The implications of their discovery and subsequent publication are massive, revealing one of the largest (potentially state-sponsored) hacking efforts to date, all from a country which […]

Email Breach at UC Davis Health Systems, 1,300 Patients Affected

A doctor at UC Davis Health Systems, California has been the victim of an email intrusion that puts over 1,300 patients’ data at risk. The breach did not impact health records, Social Security numbers or any personal financial data but UC Davis notified all affected patients on October 7. In total, 1,326 patients have been […]

New California Bill Limits Student Social Media Surveillance

A new bill signed by California Governor Jerry Brown makes it mandatory for schools that collect and monitor their students’ social media posts to discard the information. This has to be done within one year of the student turning 18 or leaving the school. In addition, schools are required to notify parents that they are […]

Second Data Breach at Albertsons & Supervalu

Only a few weeks removed, Albertsons and Supervalu have been struck by another data breach affecting credit cards and putting customer data at risk. Both companies revealed on Monday night that they had discovered malware on their card processing systems, which they believe was installed in late August or early September. More than a dozen […]


Airport Body Scanners Miss Some Weapons, Says Study

We covered the vulnerability of airport security equipment such as trace detectors and time tracking devices earlier this month. Now a report presented at the ‘Usenix Security Symposium’ in San Diego highlights the security scanners used by TSA staff at US airports between 2009 and 2013 were inefficient at detecting bomb-making materials and weapons to […]

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San Diego Adds Bluetooth Tracking to Surveillance Roster

The San Diego government has been using a Bluetooth tracking system called Blufax to monitor traffic behavior via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. After Voice of San Diego reporter Michael Robertson requested documentation under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), he discovered that the city government had a minimum of 16 Blufax devices and intended to eventually install […]


Cloud Services Struggle to Comply with EU Privacy Laws

A California-based security company has revealed that 99 percent of cloud services currently operating in the European Union are not yet compliant with data laws that the EU is set to implement in the coming year. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation was first introduced as a draft in 2012 as a replacement for the […]


California Presses the Kill Switch on Smartphone Thieves

The much debated California smartphone ‘kill switch’ bill is just a step away from becoming a fully-fledged law. After seeing the green light at the Senate with 27 positive votes against eight negatives, all it needs is the Governor’s nod before it comes into force. Apart from one noticeable distinction, the bill hasn’t seen many […]


US States Strengthen Data Breach Notification Laws

As many as 47 states in the US have recently amended, passed or proposed data breach notification laws that require businesses to notify customers when a data breach compromises their sensitive information. The notification requirement will include all affected individuals rather than just those residing in the states. Changes to the law in most states […]


The State Of Data Breach In Universities

Lone-wolf hacker groups creating nuisance hacking tools in the basement have been replaced by sophisticated data-breach criminals as the top cybersecurity threat to universities. Hackers today are working around the clock to steal sensitive research, intellectual property, and personal information, costing universities millions of dollars and damaging their reputation in the process. The landscape of […]

US Supreme Court Rules Against Warrantless Cell Phone Searches 9-0

This week in yet another landmark decision for the personal privacy of ordinary citizens in the United States, the Supreme Court voted to end warrantless searches and seizures of cellphones by a unanimous victory of 9-0. “Modern cell phones are not just another technological convenience,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court. “With all […]