ISPs Violates Net Neutrality To Block Encryption, Says Filing

Activists fended off efforts in the 1990s to put an end to Internet encryption or give the US government ways around it, but a bigger battle is brewing now: net neutrality. ISPs have been violating net neutrality rules over the years, but there has been minimal to no evidence against them. In the comments submitted Read More


PIPCU Drop Charges Against UK Man For Streaming Piracy

A UK-based man held in custody for more than two weeks after police raided his illegal Premier League streaming HQ in Manchester has had all the charges against him dropped. PIPCU (The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit) officers traveled 200 miles from their London office to carry out a raid (assisted by Greater Manchester Police) Read More

VPN Providers Release ShellShock Updates

A number of VPN providers have posted updates regarding their services pertaining to ShellShock, the Bash vulnerability that has the security community on their toes this week. Viking VPN has announced that it has completed emergency patching on its services. “All VikingVPN services are now hardened against the attack,” writes Derek Zimmer on the VPN Read More

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Best South Korea VPN

South Koreans enjoy the fastest broadband connections in the world. The country boasts an average broadband speed of about 22 megabits/second. By 2020, the government of South Korea plans to upgrade the nation’s wireless network to 5G. This will make downloads almost a thousand times faster. On the flip side, the Internet is not exactly Read More

Second NZ ISP Launches Global Mode Feature

Undeterred by the advertising bans that its fellow Internet provider has faced, New Zealand ISP Orcon has launched its own VPN-like service that will allow customers in the country to access services like Netflix. The ISP’s service is also called Global Mode, like Slingshot’s service, which has led to a number of New Zealand TV Read More

The Push For Fair Access To Fiber Optic Internet In The US

A silent battle is going on between telecom giants and the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (EPB) over fair access to high speed Internet in rural areas of northwestern Georgia and southeastern Tennessee. For reducing power outages, EPB created a fiber optic network that allows it to deliver more reliable energy as well as cable, Read More


FCC Asks for Public Opinion, Net Neutrality Advocates Respond

July 15 was supposed to be the last day for the public to comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposal, before a mandated deadline extension. The FCC is acting in a difficult context, with its last two attempts at establishing rules for net neutrality failing in court. Industries with the most at stake in Read More

As Shylock Shuts Down, Tinba Rises to the Occasion

Much like the mythical Hydra of Ancient Greece, the malware rings of the Internet never stop spawning new ways to crack into people’s computers and banking systems to get themselves an easy payday. As the head of Shylock falls to the ground, bloodied and beaten by a joint task force of security professionals and government Read More


New Zealand ISP Offers Its Own Built-In VPN

In a bid to differentiate itself from the competition, an ISP in New Zealand has begun offering its own built-in VPN function to access services like Netflix. The ISP Slingshot isn’t calling its anti-geoblocking feature a VPN though, rather going with the name Global Mode. Netflix hasn’t launched in New Zealand so the new service Read More

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