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New Reports Claim Data Breach at Staples

Retail store Staples is investigating a potential data breach at some of its stores in the Northeast, according to a report from Brian Krebs. Krebs says he has received the tip from a “half-dozen sources” on the East Coast and it appears “likely” that criminals have hacked and stolen card data from several Staples stores Read More


Someone Might Be Spying On Your WebEx Meetings

Cisco has sent a warning to its customers to protect their WebEx meetings after Brian Krebs from KrebsOnSecurity found that almost 50 big players left their online meetings vulnerable and open for all. Krebs said that he found several organizations did not password protect their WebEx meetings, thus allowing anyone to join and get information Read More

Kmart, Dairy Queen Hit by Latest Point-of-Sale Attack

A few hours ago, a spokesperson for the US retail chain Kmart confirmed that an unknown number of their locations across the United States have been subjected to a point-of-sale (POS) attack, similar to those that were seen with Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michael’s. The big box store claims they have successfully removed the malware Read More

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70% of Retail Apps Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks, Says Study

According to research released by software analysis company CAST, 70 percent of retail applications are vulnerable to input validation attacks such as SQL injection and Heartbleed. Financial services were a close second with 69 percent vulnerability. These results are surprising because almost 80 percent of attacks on retail industries are related to input validation. With Read More

Krebs Chimes in on Massive Russian Data Breach

Earlier this week, the New York Times had security experts in a tizzy over a report from Hold Security that a Russian cyber-crime unit has accessed 1.2 billion user credentials. Some subsequent reports have questioned the veracity of the findings but acclaimed cyber-security expert Brian Krebs has now joined the conversation. In a Q&A on Read More

Maryland Refrigerator Contractor Source of Target Leak

The Target breach, and the 70 million financial accounts stolen in the heist that followed, were both sourced from a refrigeration supplier to the multinational big box store, according to latest reports. Fazio Mechanical Services was initially targeted as a conduit to the POS systems at Target, allowing hackers to gain access to the credentials Read More