Premera Hackers Make Off With Massive Medical Haul

This week, a representative for the healthcare insurance provider Premera revealed that the core servers of their customer database had been breached, unearthing the details of millions of medical records and putting the majority of their userbase at risk for possible identity theft or worse. The heist, which yielded its perpetrators a mind-numbing 11 million Read More

1 Billion Affected by Data Breaches in 2014, Says IBM

Over a billion people were affected by data breaches in 2014, an all-time high, according to a blog post from IBM’s X-Force threat detection network. “If the year 2014 felt to you like a never-ending roller coaster ride of thrills and excitement within the world of internet security, you wouldn’t be the only one,” wrote Read More

Millions of Anthem Blue Cross Members Hit in Cyberattack

This Thursday, millions of health insurance customers under the umbrella of the Anthem corporation woke up to an email stating that their membership data and health records had been accessed by a still unknown third party hacking ring. “Anthem will individually notify current and former members whose information has been accessed. We will provide credit Read More

Breached Retailer Scores Win in Data Breach Liability Case

A judge in the US has ruled in favor of retail chain Schnuck Markets following its data breach, ruling that the company is only liable to pay a maximum of $500,000 in damages. The bank, Citicorp and payments processor, First Data Merchant Services Corp will be responsible for footing the remainder of the bill stemming Read More


Obama Proposes Cyber Crime Law, US Military Twitter Hacked

US President Barack Obama has called for new rules to be put in place that compel companies to disclose the details of a data breach within 30 days. However his announcement was followed by an embarrassing moment when the social media accounts for the military’s Central Command was hacked. The proposed Personal Data Notification and Read More

North Korea Denies Involvement in Sony Hack

In more news about Sony this week that should make everyone say “Well, duh”, this Saturday the North Korean government issued a statement which categorically denied all involvement with the recent attack on the movie studio’s servers. The country removed themselves from the conversation that their government had been behind the attack, and threatened “grave Read More

Court Rules That Target Was Negligent in Data Breach Case

Twelve months on from its infamous data breach, Target was ruled as negligent by a court this week, which will allow a number of financial institutions to proceed with their class action suit against the retailer. The District Court in Minnesota ruled that several financial institutions, who reimbursed the some 110 million affected customers, could Read More


Sony Faced a Breach Back in February While More Data Leaks

As more data is leaked from Sony Pictures, the company has come under scrutiny for keeping another data breach back in February under wraps. Emails obtained by Gawker show that Sony servers were breached and infected with malware in February, which targeted the studio’s SpiritWORLD system, used to send to sensitive media and financial data. Read More

Alaska Mental Health Co. Fined $150K For Data Breach

A mental health services provider in Alaska has been fined $150,000 under HIPAA for failing to patch its software, which led to a data breach in 2012. The case raises more questions over how much effort the healthcare industry is putting into safeguarding electronic records. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and Read More

More Details Leaked from Sony, Hackers Make New Demands

Things are going from bad to worse for Sony as the latest incident in the company’s massive hack has seen the aliases of celebrities leaked as well as additional information on thousands of ex-employees. The latest cache contained a number of documents that listed the various aliases that several actors use to avoid being detected Read More

USPS Still Assessing Damage, Delays Financial Report

The US Postal Service continues to feel the effects of its November data breach and will now delay the filing of its 2014 financial report as the agency still hasn’t determined whether financial data was compromised or not. USPS submitted a Notification of Late Filing to the United States Postal Regulatory Commission, dated November 28, Read More


Following Sony Hack, FBI Warns Over Dangerous New Malware

The FBI has warned US businesses that hackers have used a malicious software program to launch a highly destructive cyber attack in the country. The warning was issued in the wake of the massive breach at Sony Corp’s California unit and more attacks may be on the horizon. Cybersecurity experts said that the software mentioned Read More

Getmypass PoS Malware Emerges During Holiday Season

A new family of PoS (Point of Sale) malware called Getmypass has been found by a security researcher, and only a few anti-virus tools are able to detect it. Nick Hoffman, the reverse engineer who discovered the Getmypass malware, wrote that it shares some features that are similar to other RAM (random access memory) scrapers Read More

Lazy Password Practices Are All Too Common Says New Study

UK Internet users are reusing passwords and exercising poor password practices, which is putting their data at risk, according to a new study. In a survey conducted by TeleSign of more than 2,000 consumers, the mobile identity company discovered that 62 percent of consumers risked compromise of their online accounts and other similar credentials because Read More

GOP Releases Photos of Sony Files from Hacks

Earlier this week, employees at Sony Pictures America signed on to their work computers to find a nasty message planted on every screen in the building, claiming their systems had been hacked by an unknown group of criminals going only by the moniker #GOP. The Guardians of Peace, as they call themselves, had taken complete Read More

Consumers End Up Footing The Bill for Massive Data Breaches

2014 has been the year of the breach with more major data breaches than previous years, especially in retail and as the holiday shopping season approaches, more and more retailers are at risk. A massive data breach can be debilitating for a company but it has many far reaching effects too and can pass on Read More

home depot

Home Depot Facing 44 Lawsuits, More Data Potentially At Risk

Home Depot has today confirmed that it is facing at least 44 civil lawsuits over its data breach and more stolen customer data could potentially be discovered. A number of angered customers had taken legal action over the last few months but the exact number of cases was unclear. In its regulatory filing, Home Depot Read More


Sony & Microsoft Deny DerpTrolling Hack’s Validity

Over the weekend it was reported that Playstation Network and Windows Live was hacked by “DerpTrolling” but both Sony and Microsoft have come out to confirm that the hack was a hoax. The Guardian reports that DerpTrolling’s claim to hacking and retrieving seven million user accounts’ details is not supported with any evidence. “We have Read More

Beth Israel

Boston Hospital Fined $100K for 2012 Data Breach

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in Boston has been fined $100,000 over its 2012 data breach, which resulted from the theft of an unencrypted laptop. The fine was handed down by the Massachusetts Attorney General. The incident occurred in 2012 when a laptop containing sensitive patient data, including the names, Social Security numbers, Read More


Security Experts Expect Big Data Breaches This Holiday Season

We should expect to see more retail data breaches over this holiday season, said one Department of Defense cyber security contractor in comments this week. Speaking with International Business Times, Robert Twitchell, CEO of Dispersive Technologies said “It’s just a matter of when they’re going to get hacked, not if.” “It would be a surprise Read More

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