China Cyber Criminals Accused of Exploiting Commercial VPN

Chinese cybercriminals have been hijacking a commercial VPN to carry out Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, according to a new report this week from security firm RSA. RSA Research claims that a Chinese VPN provider has been infiltrated by APT actors who are using its infrastructure to carry out its operations and cover its tracks.

Regin Malware Confirmed as UK and US Spying Tool

Over the weekend, the Internet and Twittersphere was abuzz with rumors and information about a new malware program, known as Regin, that was first made public by the threat research group at Symantec. Since hitting the wires, there has been a flurry of speculation as to whether or not the malware was state-sponsored or the Read More

Best Poland VPN

The censorship system during the communist era in Poland was stringent. Publications and other press-related materials were heavily regulated during the darkest years of Stalinism in Poland. Censorship in the country only ceased after the fall of communism way back in April 1990. Remnants of censorship practices can still be traced at present but gladly Read More

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New Shellshock Bug Hits the Web in the Form of IRC Bot

Internet security research group Trend Micro has revealed on their blog about the discovery of a new botnet, one which took advantage of vulnerabilities found in the Bash Linux command control center, known more commonly now as the “ShellShock” bug. The bug exploits IRC, otherwise known as the Internet Relay Chat, a more than two-decade Read More

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