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FrootVPN expands to 14 new countries

FrootVPN has announced a massive expansion of new servers in 14 different locations. The new locations are in Russia, Hong Kong, Israel, Isle of Man, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. All servers are released and available to it’s subscribers on the time of writing. This makes FrootVPN’s total […]

20% of Adults Use VPNs to Access Geo-Blocked Content

Despite geo-blocks, a significant number of Internet users are aware of how to access restricted content through VPNs, according to new research from Global Web Index. The market research firm tracks the use of online services in 34 different countries and claims that more than 20 percent of adults surveyed in developing online markets like […]


China Cyber Criminals Accused of Exploiting Commercial VPN

Chinese cyber criminals have been hijacking a commercial VPN to carry out Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, according to a new report this week from security firm RSA. RSA Research claims that a Chinese VPN provider has been infiltrated by APT actors who are using its infrastructure to carry out its operations and cover its […]

SaferVPN Adds 3 New VPN Server Locations

SaferVPN has expanded its VPN network to India, Norway and Russia. Now Norwegian, Indian and Russian users can unblock any geographic restrictions imposed by most streaming channels wherever they are in the world. This expansion means that the VPN provider’s server locations now totals to 23 countries. Aside from Norway, India and Russia, SaferVPN also […]

Anonymous Hits Email Accounts of Swedish Officials After Pirate Bay Raid

Over the weekend it was revealed that in response to the recent raid on The Pirate Bay in Sweden, Anonymous has launched attacks against email providers for Swedish authorities in order to voice their displeasure with the takedown of one of their favorite online P2P portals. The subgroup of Anonymous in question, identifying themselves only […]


Sony Faced a Breach Back in February While More Data Leaks

As more data is leaked from Sony Pictures, the company has come under scrutiny for keeping another data breach back in February under wraps. Emails obtained by Gawker show that Sony servers were breached and infected with malware in February, which targeted the studio’s SpiritWORLD system, used to send to sensitive media and financial data. […]

Regin Malware Confirmed as UK and US Spying Tool

Over the weekend, the Internet and Twittersphere was abuzz with rumors and information about a new malware program, known as Regin, that was first made public by the threat research group at Symantec. Since hitting the wires, there has been a flurry of speculation as to whether or not the malware was state-sponsored or the […]

Best Poland VPN

The censorship system during the communist era in Poland was stringent. Publications and other press-related materials were heavily regulated during the darkest years of Stalinism in Poland. Censorship in the country only ceased after the fall of communism way back in April 1990. Remnants of censorship practices can still be traced at present but gladly […]

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New Shellshock Bug Hits the Web in the Form of IRC Bot

Internet security research group Trend Micro has revealed on their blog about the discovery of a new botnet, one which took advantage of vulnerabilities found in the Bash Linux command control center, known more commonly now as the “ShellShock” bug. The bug exploits IRC, otherwise known as the Internet Relay Chat, a more than two-decade […]

Access to Crimeware Doubles China’s Cyber Crime

Low priced cyber-criminal toolkits are fueling cyber criminal activity in China where criminals are investing in equipment and software used in cyber-attacks against consumers, businesses and governments. Trend Micro has analyzed the trends in the Chinese underground marketplace and found activity doubled between 2012 and 2013. The researchers at the firm found that compromised hosts, […]

FBI Informant Behind Attack Against Turkish Government

Court records reveal that the sting operation used to arrest wanted hacker Jeremy Hammond involved an FBI informant known online as Sabu. The Daily Dot’s weekly magazine Kernel reports that the high-profile attacks Hammond was arrested for included an attack against Turkish government websites in alliance with Turkish hacking group RedHack. According to court records, […]


Oxford Offers GCHQ-Approved Cyber Intelligence Degree

University of Oxford students now have the option to pursue a Master’s degree in software and system security accredited by GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) – the British counterpart of the US NSA (National Security Agency). This means Oxford joins only five other universities in the UK that have their cyber security courses signed off by […]


Once Bitten, Twice Shy – Japan Boosts Cyber Security For 2020 Olympics

Japan recently organized a drill to strengthen the national security for the 2020 Olympics. The administration invited hackers and asked them to attack various government and corporate websites in order to find security flaws. The Japanese government is following the British, who invited ethical hackers to test their computers before the 2012 London Olympics. In […]

Nearly $4 Billion Lost in Brazillian Boleto Attack

Yesterday afternoon, researchers from RSA’s FraudAction Knowledge Delivery team shed light on one of the most profitable malware schemes ever attempted in the history of the open Internet. In just under two years, the ‘Boleto’ virus has far succeeded any other malware-charged currency caper that’s come before it, pulling in a total of close to […]

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World Cup Hit With Series of DDoS Attacks by Anonymous

Soccer/football fans (depending on which side of the pond you’re watching from) are starting congregate around their television sets as the world unites to watch the World Cup. All the while, hacker group Anonymous has fulfilled its promises to bring down the websites of dozens of different corporate sponsors, government services, and international partners. Just […]


World Cup Sponsors Threatened With Attack by Anonymous

On Friday night, a member of the international hacking group Anonymous announced that the group would begin ramping up its operations to attack corporate sponsors of the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil later this month. “We have already conducted late-night tests to see which of the sites are more vulnerable,” said […]

Encrypted Traffic Surges in Wake of NSA Revelations

Networking hardware hardware manufacturer Sandvine has released a new research report claiming that since the Edward Snowden leaks first started in June of 2013, encrypted web traffic has doubled in some countries, and nearly tripled in others. The number of users flocking to alternative connection methods like VPN providers, web proxies, and Tor has soared […]