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T-Mobile Installs Anti-Eavesdropping Tech on US Network

For the past several months, T-Mobile has been quietly toughening up security on its mobile networks to prevent local and federal law enforcement agencies from eavesdropping without proper clearance. According to a report from the Washington Post earlier this week, the carrier (which just posted record growth in their Q3 financials) has been working diligently […]

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Twitter Partners With HackerOne To Launch Bug Bounty Program

Twitter has announced a new bug bounty rewards program earlier that will compensate security researchers for discovering and reporting security vulnerabilities in Twitter’s mobile apps and website. The program was introduced after Twitter’s partnership agreement with HackerOne, a third-party bug bounty program that offers a minimum of $140 per threat, and maximum reward for major […]

German Security Researchers Win $50K Prize From Facebook

Facebook has awarded $50,000 to a pair of German Researchers, who developed a new way of detecting vulnerabilities in online applications. Thorsten Holz and Johannes Dahse, two researchers from Ruhr-Universität Bochum were given the award for their research paper ‘Static Detection of Second-Order Vulnerabilities in Web Applications.” The committee behind the award witnessed a ‘clear […]

BugCrowd Releases Guidelines for Effective Bug Bounty Programs

This Friday, BugCrowd published a set of guidelines they believe will be the most effective way to attract skilled engineers and programmers to the world of whitehat Internet activism, wherein everyday hackers can utilize their deep toolbox of skills to assist companies in discovering zero-days and the process of patching them, rather than exploit the […]

Russia Posts Open Bounty to Break Tor in Two

This week, the Russian Interior Ministry put out an open call for hackers from around the globe, and posted a large bounty for any freelance blackhats who could assist the former Soviet Union in breaking the code that makes anonymizing communications and web traffic possible. Totaling just short of four million rubles ($111,290 USD), the […]


Hackers Prove That Tesla Cars Aren’t Safe From Attack

Internet connected cars are fun to drive, but they can have certain loopholes, making them fall prey to hackers. GM, Ford, Toyota, Tesla, and a few others have introduced a new generation of electric, Internet-enabled cars. These cars are largely known as safe, but are they really? Tesla owners recently received a wake-up call from […]

Win Mozilla’s $10,000 Bug Bounty for Upcoming Firefox Release

Mozilla is no stranger to bounties. They have provided bounty rewards for discovering bugs in their software in the past. Their “Bug Bounty Program” rewards individuals $500 for high severity and $3,000 for critical bugs. This is an ongoing offering, but it is separate from the recently announced $10,000 bounty. So what is this new […]

Google Chrome Bug Bounty Leads to Discovery of 31 Flaws

Google has always been recognized for their higher level of security. Of course, a premium level of security cannot be established by just relying on a single company. Testing with different procedures and systems, using different analysis, tools, and so on, can all play a role in the efficiency of security flaw detection in any […]

Google Puts Up $2.7m for Latest Bug Bounty Event

Touting one of the largest prizes ever seen in a hackathon event, Google has announced they will award just over $2.7 million USD at this year’s CanSecWest to anyone who can present the internet search company with “new or interesting” attack paths into its supposedly secure Chrome OS and Chromebook hardware suite. Researchers at the […]

Facebook and Microsoft Offer Bug Bounty

In an attempt to lure blackhats away from their lucrative underground markets, and maybe even a few whitehats from their equally lucrative government positions, Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up to offer anyone who can poke holes in their code a prize of $5,000 per exploit. Now, this might seem a little low considering what […]