93% of Companies Breached Says FireEye & KPMG Study

FireEye and KPMG have conducted a study analyzing cyber security threats impacting firms in Sweden, which found that 93 percent of the monitored organizations were breached. Published a few days ago, the study noted that ‘breached’ businesses were classified as those where call-back traffic between command-and-control hubs and malware were detected. The study monitored 14 Read More

GOZ is Back in a New and Powerful Avatar

An ongoing study reveals that newGOZ, the hottest incarnation of Zeus, makes use of a domain generated algorithm instead of the previously-used P2P command-and-control system. This significant change can force the cybercriminals to work overtime. The security firm Arbor Networks reveals that this latest change in newGOZ has increased the infection rate by 1,879 percent. Read More


Googlebots “Faking” It – The DDoS Attacks Story

According to Incapsula, more than four percent of Googlebots are imposters that act as genuine Google crawlers, trying to wreak havoc through DDoS attacks, spamming, scraping, and other malicious activities. In some recent research, Incapsula observed more than 400 million search engine crawls for over 10,000 sites. This gave them approximately 2.19 billion crawls over Read More


EU Launches Cybercrime Taskforce for Cross Border Investigations

The European Union is set to roll out an international cybercrime task force for a six-month investigations trial. It will coordinate investigations across Europe, as well as with several other countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. According to Govinfosecurity, Andy Archibald, the deputy head of the UK National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Read More


$600,000 in Dogecoin Lifted From Server with NAS Hack

Earlier this week roughly $600,000 in Dogecoin (a popular alternative to Bitcoin which first arose out of a meme from the news aggregation website Reddit), was illegitimately mined in an underground cryptocurrency hashing operation which spanned hundred of different computers from all over the globe. The hackers were able to break into so many different Read More

world cup

World Cup Hit With Series of DDoS Attacks by Anonymous

Soccer/football fans (depending on which side of the pond you’re watching from) are starting congregate around their television sets as the world unites to watch the World Cup. All the while, hacker group Anonymous has fulfilled its promises to bring down the websites of dozens of different corporate sponsors, government services, and international partners. Just Read More

Chinese Hackers Target New Zealand Supercomputer

A group of Chinese hackers have reportedly invaded the sanctuary of a supercomputer located at the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research base in Greta Point, New Zealand. The $12.7 million monster was apparently targeted for its immense computing power, which many Chinese hackers like to use for anything from Bitcoin mining operations to Read More

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