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Bunitu Botnet Spreads from Advertising to VPNs

The operators of the botnet Bunitu are selling access to proxy bots, according to a report from Malwarebytes. The research says that users of particular VPNs may unknowingly be accessing a “criminal infrastructure of infected computers worldwide.” Malwarebytes, which carried out the research in collaboration with anti-advertising-fraud firm Sentrant, first noticed the Bunitu botnet in […]

Hola Responds to Allegations of Botnet Support

Following the recent allegations against Hola Better Internet, the CEO and co-founder Ofer Vilenski posted a lengthy blog post on their website. Titled “The recent events on the Hola network“, Mr. Vilenski admits the company has made mistakes but promises to do better moving forward. The mistakes, he claims, was due to Hola’s massive popularity […]

Lizard Squad DDoS Service Database Hacked

According to a new blog post from famed security researcher Brian Krebs, the DDoS service offered up by the hacking duo Lizard Squad has been compromised, and the identifying information contained within has been leaked as a result. If you’ll remember back to Christmas, Lizard Squad made headlines when they took down the networks of […]


Study Claims 80% of Tor Traffic Related to Child Abuse

More than 80 percent of ‘dark net’ traffic is to sites hosting child-abuse content, according to a University of Portsmouth study of Tor ‘hidden services’ websites but some researchers have pointed out possible skewed results in the findings. The study’s findings were revealed at the recent Chaos Computer Congress in Hamburg. Using Tor’s technology to […]

Asprox Botnet Responsible for 80% of All Attacks in October

This week, the security research group at Palo Alto Networks revealed their annual Threat Landscape Review, which alleges that 80 percent of all global malware traffic in October of this year came from a single place, the ancient, yet still fully functional Asprox botnet. Asprox, which made its debut appearance back in 2008, was used […]

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23,000 Websites at Risk of Backdoor CryptoPHP Threat

Just before everyone headed home for Thanksgiving break last week, researchers at the Netherlands-based digital forensics lab Fox IT posted a whitepaper which detailed the results of their investigation into a bug that could affect over 23,000 websites that use the WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal publication platforms to host their own content. Called CryptoPHP (due […]


NotCompatible Malware Next Big Threat for Enterprise

According to a new report released by the mobile software developer Lookout Security, the NotCompatible malware could be the next big threat for enterprise providers in 2015. Though the original build is going on several years old now, the freshest entry, known as NotCompatible.C, has evolved into a beast of infectious proportions that mimics some […]


More Limitless Keyloggers Now Available ‘Off the Shelf’

Trend Micro’s new research paper sheds light on Limitless and Predator Pain keyloggers, unscrupulous but effective tools that scammers are increasingly making use of. According to Ryan Flores, senior threat researcher, more of these remote access tools are “simple, off-the-shell” offerings that are used to commit email fraud in corporations on a significant scale. The […]


Darkhotel Targets High Level Executives Through Hotel Wi-Fi

A group of sophisticated cyber criminals has compromised the Wi-Fi networks of luxury hotels for the past few years to launch malicious attacks against business people in the Asia-Pacific region. Researchers from Kaspersky Lab dubbed the cyber-espionage group as ‘Darkhotel’ and tell us that it operates by injecting malicious codes into the Web portals used […]

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New Shellshock Bug Hits the Web in the Form of IRC Bot

Internet security research group Trend Micro has revealed on their blog about the discovery of a new botnet, one which took advantage of vulnerabilities found in the Bash Linux command control center, known more commonly now as the “ShellShock” bug. The bug exploits IRC, otherwise known as the Internet Relay Chat, a more than two-decade […]

Malware BlackEnergy Returns, Claims Over 100 Victims

Security firm ESET says that the ongoing malware attacks on Ukraine, Poland, and Brussels are aimed at stealing government and industrial secrets and not cash. According to ESET, these campaigns are spearheaded by criminal hackers rather than the government of Russia. A ‘Lite’ version of the malicious software BlackEnergy has been discovered in Poland and […]


DoubleClick Malware Exposes Millions to Ad-based Infection

On Friday night, researchers on the Malwarebytes team noticed a peculiar set of instructions coming out of ads hosted on websites like Last.fm, and The Jerusalem Post. The first website would suggest that the attacks were targeted at random, though the second and several others like it might point to the true source of the […]

New ZeroLocker Virus Offers Discount for Early Payment

Earlier this week, researchers at the Russian security vendor Kaspersky Labs reported that a new variant of the popular CryptoLocker virus, dubbed ZeroLocker, had started to make its way onto users’ machines through many of the same channels that the original used, albeit with one unique twist. Instead of asking for a flat fee like […]

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Incapsula Strikes Back At DDoS Attack On Video Gaming Website

A group of unknown hackers carried out a well-planned multi-vector DDoS attack on a video gaming website. The attack peaked at almost 110 Gbps and sent more than 90 million packets per second. However, the attack was successfully countered by new Behemoth Scrubbers by Incapsula. Last week, Incapsula contacted the VPNCreative team and told us […]

GOZ is Back in a New and Powerful Avatar

An ongoing study reveals that newGOZ, the hottest incarnation of Zeus, makes use of a domain generated algorithm instead of the previously-used P2P command-and-control system. This significant change can force the cybercriminals to work overtime. The security firm Arbor Networks reveals that this latest change in newGOZ has increased the infection rate by 1,879 percent. […]


HeartApp Hits 100,000 Infections in Just Three Days

A 19-year old Chinese hacker known only as “Li” was apprehended last week by authorities in Shenzen, China after unleashing a set of malware-laced apps for the Android platform that spread like wildfire throughout the region in only 24 hours after its initial release. The mobile program, which poses as a sort of dating app […]