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VPN Providers Call Netflix Blocks ‘Misguided’

Last week Netflix announced it would be taking a more hard line approach against VPN users that are accessing geo-restricted libraries. Since then the move has come under criticism. Tech writers, lawyers, and regular Internet users have claimed that there is very little that can really be done to block VPNs and proxies. Instead the […]

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VPN IP Addresses Blocked by BBC iPlayer

VPN users are reporting issues with accessing the BBC iPlayer, according to Malaysian provider BolehVPN. The VPN provider claims that the BBC has been blocking large numbers of IP addresses associated with VPN services. “This has sadly affected our UK servers as well, but rest assured that we’re working hard on a solution,” said BolehVPN. […]

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A Warrant Canary Gives VPNs a Legal Loophole with Warrants

Recently BolehVPN announced that it would be joining a growing list of VPN providers that publish a warrant canary, an official statement signed by the company that states it has not received any warrant or demands from authorities yet. Many VPN providers highlight their “no log policy”, meaning that it does not log or store […]

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BolehVPN Implements New Warrant Canary System

BolehVPN has introduced a warrant canary system to post monthly messages that are cryptographically signed, stating that the company has not received any warrants from authorities. BolehVPN says it is bringing in the warrant canary on foot of recent comments from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that recommend it. “Legally speaking, we aren’t too sure […]


Best Vietnam VPN

According to the OpenNet Initiative, Internet censorship in Vietnam is classified as pervasive in the areas of politics, social and national security. On the other hand, Reporters without Borders considers Vietnam as an “internet enemy”. Content like political criticisms, both from local and overseas, is blocked in Vietnam. Blocked content is usually written in the […]

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BolehVPN to Charge 6% GST Tax, Japan Server Down

Malaysia-based VPN service provider, BolehVPN has announced that starting April 1, 2015, it will be charging Malaysian customers a value added tax of six percent GST or Good and Services Tax. This is in accordance with the budget alignment approved by the government that was announced by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak himself during the […]

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Best VPN for Torrent Clients & P2P

Whether it’s grabbing digital content for free or taking a stand against corporations that make huge profits, copyright piracy remains one of the most popular online phenomena of all time. Although online piracy can lead to prison terms in some cases, file sharing through torrents isn’t slowing down. Millions of Internet users seed and leech […]


Best Taiwan VPN

The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan conducted a survey and found that in 2011, 81.8 percent of Taiwanese households had Internet access. The constitution of Taiwan provides freedom of press and speech, and the political system also allows complete freedom to its citizens. There have been no official restrictions on Internet surfing or government […]


Best Switzerland VPN

The Swiss constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Under Switzerland’s federal law, publishing ‘leaked official discussions’ is a crime. In 2012, the government investigated several cases that involved secrecy violations by the press. However, nobody was punished for such actions. Downloading the pirated versions of music, videos, games, and movies for personal use is not a […]


Best Slovenia VPN

The 2012 Index of Economic Freedom ranked Slovenia 76th among 177 countries in freedom and openness. Hong Kong and Singapore occupied the first and second positions in the list. Slovenia is generally regarded as ‘moderately free’ as the government does not usually monitor the Internet activities of its citizens. This, however, doesn’t mean that Internet […]