France & the EU Mull Over New Online Censorship Rules

France is proposing new legislation that will make social media sites like Facebook and Twitter partially responsible for terrorist content posted on their sites. President Francois Hollande said the new draft law, set to be presented next month, will make social media sites “accomplices” if they do not block terrorism-related content from their sites.

JPMorgan Breach Investigated by FBI, Russia Suspected

Earlier this week, we reported on a breach that had targeted the servers of the US financial institution JP Morgan Chase Manhattan, which used an unknown zero day to exploit the websites of major banks and trading firms and access their servers in search of valuable transaction data. The attack, which exploited dozens of common Read More

MeetMe Breached, Users Urged to Change Passwords

This week the social network MeetMe suffered a data breach affecting an undisclosed number of members, with usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords among the data. The breach happened between August 5 and 6 according to the site, adding that it does not believe any accounts or financial information was accessed. “There is no evidence Read More

China Says No to Symantec & Kaspersky Lab

Chinese state media is reporting that Symantec and Kaspersky Lab are no longer state-approved anti-virus vendors, stoking speculation that China is doing more and more to step away from foreign technologies. Reuters reports that China’s state-controlled People’s Daily sent out a tweet on its English language account specifically saying that Symantec and Kaspersky Lab were Read More

Facebook Faces Investigation Over Emotions Study

Facebook’s controversial psychological study on users is to be investigated by the UK regulator, Information Commissioner’s Office and Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner. ICO is concerned that Facebook violated the country’s data protection laws by altering the content on the news feeds of nearly 700,000 people to see how it impacted them emotionally. Facebook defended the Read More

Hackers Steal US Trade Secrets

After breaching the security of some major retailers in the US, cyber criminals have turned their attention towards stealing trade secrets. BAE Systems Appliance Intelligence reports that an unnamed US hedge fund has lost several million dollars over two-months after hackers injected malicious code into its network to steal trade secrets. In a rare raid, Read More


Russia Demands Twitter Remove “Extremist” Views

Twitter has agreed to block a number of “extremist” accounts in Russia, according to Russian authorities who are meeting with Twitter’s head of global public policy Colin Crowell today. Alexander Zharov, head of Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor, said a number of accounts will be blocked, including Pravy Sektor, the Ukrainian nationalist party. Zharov indicated future Read More

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