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Best Poland VPN

The censorship system during the communist era in Poland was stringent. Publications and other press-related materials were heavily regulated during the darkest years of Stalinism in Poland. Censorship in the country only ceased after the fall of communism way back in April 1990. Remnants of censorship practices can still be traced at present but gladly Read More


Best Peru VPN

Peru champions the cause of Internet freedom with the OpenNet Initiative finding no evidence of Internet censoring in the Latin American country. The Peruvian government does not impose any restrictions on the Internet; neither does it monitor Internet chat rooms or emails. The constitution guarantees freedom of speech but this does not mean that there Read More


Best Kuwait VPN

The Kuwait government doesn’t have absolute control over the media; but even then, journalists in the country exercise self-censorship and stay away from criticizing the royal family. In Kuwait, pornographic sites are the main target of Internet censorship. Similarly, sites offering lesbian/gay content and Arabic forums which facilitate the online exchange of explicit content are Read More

smart dns

How Use Smart DNS To Unblock Streaming Services

Watching movies on Netflix is a great way to spend a weekend, except if you’re from a country where Netflix is blocked. Regional content blocking is annoying, but you can easily avoid the frustration by using a VPN or Smart DNS (domain name system) connection. A VPN allows you to hide your true IP address, encrypt Read More


PIPCU Ramps Up Its Quest Against Piracy Sites

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) in the UK have arrested a Manchester man for allegedly running illegitimate sports streaming websites. The 27-year old man was supposedly running several websites that allowed illegal access to paid television services. It is believed that the combined loss to several subscription services due to these websites is Read More

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