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Blackphone Pwned by Simple SMS Hack

The makers of the popular encrypted mobile Blackphone have patched a critical hole in the device that gave outside attackers the opportunity to poke their noses where they didn’t belong through the use of a simple texting crack. The bug was first discovered by Mark Dowd, a security researcher at the consultancy firm Azimuth Security. […]

Blackphone Makers Working on a Tablet

Silent Circle, the company behind the privacy-focused Blackphone, will next release an encrypted tablet. TechRadar reports that Silent Circle and its partners Geeksphone will develop a new security and privacy-driven tablet device. “This isn’t our last phone and we’re going to do a tablet. There are a lot of enhancements that we need to do,” […]

Silent Circle & Blackphone Launch Bug Bounty Program

Silent Circle and Blackphone, the “NSA proof” encrypted phone, have launched a bug bounty program, which will award hackers for alerting the company to flaws in the phone and their products. Each company will be paying a minimum of $128 per bug that is reported by independent researchers. Silent Circle is looking for tips on […]

Blackphone Sales Are Strong So Far

The privacy focused Blackphone is off to a good start on the sales front, says Toby Weir-Jones, the head of SGP Technologies, who manufacture the secure phone. In an interview with Venture Beat, Weir-Jones refused to disclose the sales numbers that Blackphone is seeing so at this time it’s no possible to verify the claims […]


Blackphone Rooted at Annual DefCon

At this year’s Defcon hacker conference, security researchers at the engineering group TeamAndIRC proved that the Blackphone, developed by SGP Technologies, could be rooted and cracked in less than five minutes by exploiting a crack in the Android Debugger Kit’s code. *updated below You’ll remember several months ago when we first reported on the development […]


BlackBerry Name New COO In Bid to Regain Market Share

Struggling phone manufacturer BlackBerry has named Marty Beard as the company’s new chief operating officer. BlackBerry for many years positioned itself at the more secure option for a phone but in recent years has lost serious ground to Apple and Samsung. Meanwhile we have seen the advent of the Blackphone, which is aimed at government […]


SilentCircle’s Blackphone to Debut in June

Last month we reported on a new trend that was sweeping through the mobile space for encrypted, secure smartphones that could effectively thwart the spying efforts of the NSA or GCHQ. We profiled several different companies who had decided to throw their hats into the privacy ring, including SGP Technologies and their newest encrypted device: […]

SilentCircle Introduces Blackphone

Thought to be the next big market in mobile devices, the demand for high-security smartphones has been steadily rising ever since Edward Snowden leaked sensitive NSA documents back in June of 2013. Blackphone is the product of a collaboration between members of the SilentCircle team in the states and Geeksphone, a mobile device manufacturer based […]